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FashionBlogger Spotlight: Mandy of Oracle Fox

Blogger Spotlight is back! With a focus on Valentine’s Day, my favorite day of the week was on a brief hiatus. Now we are back with a blogger so talented and stylish that it was beyond worth the wait. Let me introduce you to Mandy Shadforth of the amazing Oracle Fox. This is a daily read for me and my close friends. It is a magical mix of great photography and spot-on styling. Mandy, hailing from Australia, not only makes flawless wardrobe choices but happens to be an amazing artist. Her range scopes from the super-realistic to mixing mythic images with astrological symbols. Her work is beyond captivating, so make sure to check it out here. Lets take a look at her some of my favorite images from her site.

 Above is one of Mandy’s casual sketches that she posted on her blog. Her paintings are far more elaborate and realistic, but I just loved this super sweet hippie-love-child sketch with the beautiful desert background.

Obsessed with these leggings! The metal beading and sheer fishnet is a total homerun and I wish they were mine!

 You all know I am a serious ring freak. Mandy sports some of the best rings in the blogosphere! I am in love with the large chunks of crystal and silver skulls.

 One of Mandy’s specialties is overlaying photographs with images of animals and nature. My favorite is shown above; the horses and her pose are so perfect together.  I am super-obsessed with this blogger and I know you will fall in love once dive into the magical, mythical world of Oracle Fox!

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Denni of ChicMuse

Time for Blogger Spotlight! This week while clicking around the blog rolls I came across Denni of ChicMuse. I instantly fell in love with her sophisticated style and impeccable attention to detail. Currently based out of Tokyo, this hugely popular blogger has pages upon pages of beautiful pictures to give you endless inspiration. Let’s take a peek at some of my favorite looks just to give you a hint of how special this blog is.

Gorgeous Miu Miu shoes!

Denni featured in an American Apparel Ad campaign.

 I love the play of the black shorts and white maxi against a backdrop of overcast clouds.

 Most insanely beautiful vintage 1970′s Yves Saint Laurent cape!  This photo is an absolute vision paired with the YSL Mohawk pumps.

 The great thing about Denni is that she features amazing high end clothing styled perfectly and comes across as the sweetest, best-friend-you-haven’t-met! Always cheerful and down to earth this girl writes a blog that is a real pleasure to visit regularly! Make sure to check her out! You will be enamored, I promise!

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Karen of Where Did U Get That

Happy Wednesday! Time to introduce my favorite blogger of the week! I love my job because I get to spotlight all of the fabulous ladies out there and this week is no exception! This boho-beauty is Karen of the blog Where Did U Get That. A London native living in New York, this international fashion icon has had my attention for some time! I am happy to show you some of my favorites from her amazing selection on her blog.

Karen is a master at layering fabrics, patterns and textures. She always has perfect platforms and jeans to make you jealous. I love her bohemian-gypsy style and I would raid her closet if given the chance!

Make sure you check out Karen’s blog. She will definitely be your source of inspiration when the winter blues hit your wardrobe. Her blog is the first place I look when I am sick and tired of the same combos and it is freezing indoors and out! She really knows how to mix up her layers and stay stylish!

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Kate of Paniekscelencja

Introducing the latest addition to my bookmarks, Kate from the Polish blog Paniekscelencja. This little pixie has a shock of bright orange-red hair and the most intriguing style. Every once in a while you find a blogger who you can’t really compare to any of the other ones you have seen. Let’s be honest, plenty of bloggers have a similar look. So when your bouncing from blog roll to blog roll like I do, every now and again a special someone will pop out at you. Take a look at some of her winning combinations below!

What I really love about her style is that she blends all of these different elements to create a look that is her own. She often wears black and edgy clothing. Shredded, studded and completed in high heeled wedge boots, her look is definitely tough and modern. The best part is her skin is flawless and her lips are always the perfect shade of pale pink. Offset by the shocking color of her long hair, Kates color combinations are always perfect. Adding a pastel nail color and some touches of pink in her wardrobe she sort of reminds me of a modern mix between Hello Kitty and a member of The Culture Club with a dash of Slash. The girly touches she adds to every outfit soften her tough vibe and make it all that much better!

Being obsessed with rings and necklaces this photo was very pleasing to the eye! I love over-the-top and eccentric style where people are not afraid of taking risks. I think Kate is the best example of fearless and fun fashion I have seen all week!

 Make sure to pop over to her blog where many, many more amazing photos await you. You will have a ton of fun browsing her cute outfits and scenic photos!  

ArtNews From MILAN by Megan Jones


This past week, I attended a private viewing of East London Boys, the latest exhibit by hot new photographer Jacopo J Moschin. At only 22 years old, he has had a lot of success here in Milan.

His latest exhibit was focused on the contemporary masculine image. The photographs portrayed the youth that has been influenced by “cultural creativity and originality.” I was lucky enough to have a chat with him and ask him a few questions about his work!

So how long have you been doing photography professionally?

I would say about two and a half years. I’m new to the scene, but then again I am also very young.

I think the subject matter is very interesting. What would you say influenced you more: the different fashions of men’s clothes, or the attitude and personalities of the “London Boys”?

Well, what I found interesting was, if we look at the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s punks and rockers they had their set styles. But these aren’t necessarily punks, they can look like this one day and can look totally different the next, I wanted to capture that.

It was an interesting show; the portraits gave an aura of wonder, as if you really wanted to get to know the subject’s story. And for anyone interested in men’s fashions, this was a perfect display of new trends.

Personally, I think he is right on the money with the theory that today’s men have this opportunity to express themselves though fashion, but not let this expression define them (as it once did). Moschin also admitted that he prefers working with real film, even though it might be pricey, he would rather spend the money than work digital.

Aside from this new and exciting work, he has had a lot of previous experience in fashion photography. If you want to see more from Jacopo J Moschin, you should check out his website. He is also featured as the cover story in H Magazine, Issue 107.

Ciao, Baci