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FashionBreaking the Rules of Fashion with Kaelah of Little Chief Honey Bee! Part 2





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Hey girls! I’m Kaelah from Little Chief Honey Bee and I am back for Round 2 of fighting fashion do’s and don’ts! So we’re talking fashion faux-pas here, right? What can we say about this outfit? Don’t mix black and brown? Don’t match your belt with your shoes? Or how about don’t try to make the tired ol’ military look work by wearing straight up cam colors?

I don’t like camouflage. I never got into the dirty olive hue and I never tried making the “Army” style of military fashion work for me. Give me some navy, white, and gold, we’ll say we’re channeling the Navy! That’s my kind of military style! We all know nautical inspired outfits work. They have this seemingly effortless ability to just look awesome and we think nothing of it. Instead I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone a little and finally go for a military based look, all with the hope of not looking too “try hard.” To me the biggest faux pas with military looks is that they’re just boring!

 1) Bring in the girly accents when and where possible! I opted for a mesh top on this dress which offers up a sweetheart neckline and a peter-pan styled collar. The pleats on the dress also give it that “twirly” effect. The dress is a bit more olive than it may appear in the photos but it’s definitely a masculine color. By choosing to balance it out with the dress’ feminine accents, we’re able to balance it.
2) Go with a different hue for everything else. Black and brown are neutral colors, that’s for sure. But when you pair them up against this dress then they start looking more theatrical.
3) Make a statement somewhere in your outfit! To me, military looks based on this color combination just have the tendency to fall flat. They look boring or too overdramatic. There never seems to be a middle ground. When you go for something crazy like woven platform shoes with a 5.5″ heel and a big woven belt, the outfit starts to come alive.
4) Throw in something bright like an ivory! I wouldn’t go white for this since you typically think of military life as one spent “in the trenches” getting dirty, so ivory was the perfect balance. It offers a clean hue as a pop color, all while remaining connected. 
I wouldn’t recommend Jeffrey Campbell Litas as your battle attire, but they’re so comfortable you could easily do a few drills in them! March to the beat of your own drum by taking a tried and true style and bumping it up a few notches!
What I Wore:

Guest BloggerBreaking Fashion Rules with Kaelah of Little Chief Honey Bee! Part 1

 Hi ladies! Im Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee! I am over here visiting the LuLu*s blog to break some fashion rules and answer some important fashion questions! Such as, can you really have ‘too much of a good thing’? Just curious because I’m the kind of girl who could wear red, pink and ivory every single day of the week and never ever grow tired of it. Maybe it’s my affinity for Valentine’s Day or just girly hues, but I instantly feel more “me” when I’m donning some pretty pastels!
 When you think about those 1980′s monochromatic suits or the way the 90′s had their way of wearing purple on top of purple on top of purple (only to be paired with… a purple!), you start seeing a trend: Too much of something is never good! Well I’m here to throw caution to the wind and help rewrite some of the old fashion faux-pas rules.
 I’ve never been a matchy-matchy kind of girl. More often than not “my thing” is wearing every pattern conceivable and still trying to pass it off as “acceptable.” Instead of going crazy with the florals and the dots and the stripes, I decided to keep it simple for this task: an eye-catching print on the skirt of my Cherry Parfait striped dress, and then everything else I’m wearing is taken directly from that (except that fun necklace!).
My rules may or may not work for you, but why not just give it a shot?! Here’s how I (try to) keep from looking like a monochromatic clown:
1) Make sure you have one statement piece in your ensemble. In this instance I’m working with a fun, bright red dress with a playful pattern of stripes on the bottom. The rest of the dress’ torso will undoubtedly scream “Oh hey! Look at me! I’m here!”, so make sure you know what is screaming and what is supporting.
2) Whatever clothing is immediately touching the statement piece should be a toned down version of it. I wanted to keep it fun and playful with this outfit so I opted for a pale pink blazer. This very same hue is found in the skirt of the dress so it works. Yes, a pink blazer is far from “neutral” but it’s so toned down in comparison to the bright red that you can get away with it.
3) If you’re going loud with the main piece of your outfit, keep the rest minimal. I opted for an ivory wedge (an even more diluted hue to pink), a red bow in my hair (to draw the eye up), and a turquoise and red necklace just to add a bit of zest!
 I think it’s important to keep at least one small piece as a “pop” item, such as this necklace. It still has the red in the stone so it ties in, but the blue is so vibrant against the other colors.
It’s easy to go straight to a bright red lip for this outfit but I decided to keep it neutral with a natural pink lipstick and I alternated my nails with the bright red and gold! My tattoos tend to do most of the accessorizing for me so they instantly bring more color to the outfit. By wearing a blazer and some tights I was able to tone it down, still look classy, and make it Autumn/Winter appropriate! Feel free to go bare legged or swap the blazer for a vest or cardigan for a more Spring/Summer feel!

This outfit is totally something you could wear to a wedding, girls night out, or a date! The choices are endless! Except maybe bike riding… I tried it and while it worked, I’d maybe switch out those shoes! ;)

What I Wore:
Blush Pink Blazer 
See you on Wednesday for my next post where we will we examine another fashion faux-pas!