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BeautyManicure Monday: Lace Nails with Syl and Sam

Happy Monday! It’s Syl and Sam back again to show you another cool nail technique. 

We’d noticed how there were amazing manicures online of extremely detailed designs and wondered how people achieved these looks without using nail stickers. That’s when we learned about a technique called nail “stamping”. With just a few specialized tools and nail polishes that you can buy online, you can start stamping extremely intricate designs on your nails without needing a steady hand! They’re great because buying a kit opens up endless possibilites for designs & they’re far less wasteful than nail stickers or appliques that are one-time-use items. We’re going to take the lace trend and put that on our nails today– an awesome feminine look to go with all your lacey summer dresses!

Here’s the technique we’ll be showing you today:
What you’ll need:
- Nail Polish Remover
- A base colour
- Konad Special Nail Polish
- A top coat
- Makeup Remover Pads
- Konad Image Plate, Stamp and Scraper

Start with a few coats of your base colour & allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next steps.

Now gather your Konad Stamping items together. These special tools can be purchased online & getting a starter kit costs under $25. The metal image plates are available with hundreds of different designs on them. You also need a “stamper” and a “scraper” and their special nail polish… which you’ll learn more about in this tutorial!

First, grab your special polish & apply it over the entire etched design that you want to apply to your nail.

Then take your scraper and using one swift movement, scrape off all the excess nail polish off of the design. It helps to have a piece of scrap paper sitting under your plate so that you don’t end up scraping the nail polish onto your table.

Moving VERY quickly, take your stamper tool and pick up the design from the plate. It’s important to move quickly or the thin coat of polish will dry onto the plate.

Now that you’ve transferred a detailed design onto your stamper, you can carefully stamp it onto your nail in a rolling motion.

Then clean up the plate of any leftover nail polish with a makeup pad and some remover. Be careful not to ruin any of your other nails while removing!

Now repeat all of the above steps for each nail. It seems like a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, it does go rather quickly :) After finishing all nails, top coat them to seal in the design & be sure to take quick swipes so that you don’t smear the design.

And there you go! Amazingly intricate designs without needing to have a steady hand or any artistic skills :)

Are you going to try out nail stamping?

ContestsName the Dress Contest #87!

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Winning dress name: Holly Go-Lacey

Winner: Holly Jordan

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Winning Dress Name: Cranberry Saucy

Winner: Julia D.

GeneralFabric Favorites

Lovin’ all these new prints and textures!

Any favorites?

FashionLacey Love


  Lace is a timeless fabric which evokes femininity and whimsy.  We have seen our fair share of amazing lace dresses at LuLu*s lately! What I love about lace is that, depending on the cut, you can achieve a variety of looks! Get inspired with some of my favorite pictures below! 

Black and white seem to be the best options for lace pieces. Cream and antiqued, muted colors also work well. Any other color selections would be too intense! Neon green lace dress anyone?

If you are loving the lace look here are my favorite choices! From vintage-inspired gamine to club-ready party dress, we have something for everyone!

Above we have the Vintage Vixen Lace Dress and the Lily Fawn Cream Lace Dress. These vintage inspired-styles remind me of the perfect 60′s/70′s dresses you can never find used! I love the peter pan style on the Lily Fawn Dress!

Here we have the Snowberry Lane Lace Dress in Black and White. This amazing dress has everything rolled into one. Super cute bell sleeve and a great scalloped hem, this dress is so versatile you can wear it again and again!