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FashionBehind the Scenes: LuLu*s Spring 2011 Gypsy Caravan Lookbook

Last week, we launched our spring 2011 lookbook, Gypsy Caravan, and I thought it was about time to give you all a peek from the other side of the lens at one of our shoots.

Below is the behind the scenes video featuring Forget That You’re Young, the new single from The Raveonettes’ forthcoming Raven In the Grave.

In addition to the video, I also wanted to give you some photographic treats. On every shoot, I bring some of my own cameras to take pictures not only for my own personal benefit, but for you ladies as well. This time I brought my new Fuji-roid, the Instanx 210, and the pictures that came out were amazing — take a look!

This is a location that is very close to the LuLu*s warehouse! Isn’t Chico, California, beautiful? 

FashionBehind the Scenes: Foreign Affair Resort Lookbook

By now, I hope you all have seen our new resort lookbook, Foreign Affair featuring our lovely model Mogen.

The essence of this lookbook is all about living free, rocking bold colors and just whipping your hair back and forth. So scroll down and enjoy the behind the scenes video featuring the musical stylings The Drums with Me and the Moon (Clock Opera Remix). 

NewsLuLu*s Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale!

 Dreaming of a Jeffrey Campbell Christmas? 

Well, we have the perfect way to make your dreams come true. You can get that special someone a Jeffrey Campbell gift or get yourself that reward for all your hard work this year! We are offering final sale of 50% off on all of the Jeffrey Campbell’s used in our Lookbook photo shoots. This means that some of them are slightly damaged with a small scuff or the tread is a tiny bit worn from the model posing at the photo shoot. None of these shoes are damaged beyond wear-ability and to be honest you probably won’t even be able to tell they’ve ever been worn by anyone before!

Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Cherie Grey Suede Platform Boots

FINAL SALE! Size 8 $109.50 

Only worn once in LuLu*s photoshoot! 


- Minor marks on toes of both shoes (won’t be seen when worn because toes will cover)

- Minor wear on bottoms of shoes


Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Tick Cork Nude Perforated Wedge

FINAL SALE! Size 8.5 $69.50

Only worn once for LuLu*s Photoshoot!

- Minor wear on bottoms of shoes
- Tiny spot on back of left shoe next to zipper, barely noticeable
- Slight crease from wear
- Zippers slightly difficult to zip and unzip


Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Lita Paisley Lace Up Platform

FINAL SALE! Size 7 $70

Only worn once for LuLu*s photoshoot!


- Minor wear on bottoms of shoes

- Black mark on inside heel of left shoe

Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Frack Nude Leather Metallic Boots

FINAL SALE! Size 8 $84.50

Only worn once for LuLu*s photoshoot!


- Minor wear on bottoms of shoes

- Tiny lines on inside sole of left shoe

- Minor creasing on right shoes from wear

Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Sandie Tan Leather Knee High Boot

FINAL SALE! Size 40 $112.5

Only worn once in LuLu*s photoshoot!


- Minor wear on bottoms of shoes

- Tiny black mark on inside of left boot

- Tiny black scuff on outside of right boot near front

Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Bjork Tan Suede Fur Buckled Boot

FINAL SALE! Size 6 $110.50

Only worn once in LuLu*s photoshoot!


- Minor wear on bottoms of shoes

- Small glue spot on inside of right shoe toward heel

- Minor discoloration on wood heel at the back of right shoe


And with that, we wish you a very, merry, Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale kind of holiday!!

FashionJeffrey Campbell Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook!

The wonderful world of Jeffrey Campbell has brought us some new inspiration with their Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook. The lookbook, titled Small Town Hero, is in fact an omage to Americana style and the deserted buildings of the great West.

I love the picture, that this editorial paints, of a strong small town girl that isn’t afraid to express herself.


The photos of the girls in the car junk yard are especially funny, as well as avant-garde. I’ve always enjoyed fashion campaigns that don’t take themselves too seriously. Fun and fashion can mix and, when done right, it actually makes things much more appealing. 

This photo of the bright Jeffrey Campbell Pixie White Leather Zippy Wedge Ankle Boots lets us get up close and personal with these shoes.

The Jeffrey Campbell Strapped Taupe Tan Wedge Ankle Boots get to make an awesome debut in this triptych. 

This is a girl gang like you’ve never seen before!

It’s almost as if they’re saying “Don’t dare mess with my Jeffrey’s!!”

This foot shot is inspiring both for your hands and your feet. We have these shoes in a chic black and brown color (Jeffrey Campbell Brisbane Black Leather Wooden Wedge Boots), so all you need to get is some nail polish for this look.

Last but not least is my favorite photo from the series where the Jeffrey Campbell Demeter Beige Brown Stripe It Wedges look quite heavenly!


Happy Jeffrey Campbell shopping!

FashionBehind the Scenes: Down The Mountain

It’s that time again, time for another Lookbook. And ladies, I won’t lie to you, Down the Mountain is by far one of my favorites. The mix of furs, wools, and knit wear will help you re-define your layered look for this fall. The styling of this particular lookbook came with the ease of a mountain breeze. Yes, I rhymed and it might have been a little cheesey, but that’s just how much I love this lookbook!!

Here is the lovely behind the scenes video, featuring the song Real Love by Delorean, a band I have had on repeat on my iPod for months.

I love you gals so much I had to give you a bigger and better look at these fabulous shots! They are just too amazing!!!

I leave you with one last thought: was this your favorite lookbook like it was mine?

If not, which Lookbook is your favorite?