FashionJenny’s Outfit Tip: Cozy Up in Feminine Layers

This week got a little bit chilly in Northern California so, by default, we’ve started to become experts at layering up. Jenny (our new fashionably fresh intern) put this lacy, layered, belted, and draped outfit together for all of our benefits. 

Layer one began with the Shop Girl Pink Dress belted with the Dude Ranch Skinny Belt in Grey.

Over such a feminine dress, a grey jacket with a little bit of body and a scarf make a great heart warming combo. Jenny’s wearing the Pretty In Prague Grey Jacket and the Tulle They Call Me Mallow Cream Scarf to achieve this effect. 

Last but certainly not least make sure to wear the right leggings like The Race to Lace White Leggings and thigh high heeled boots for a day to night finish like the Mixx Laura 10 Grey Suede Thigh High High Heel Boots. 

FYI Jenny’s hat is a vintage piece, so check out our vintage periodically for one of a kind wonders!

How are you keeping your outfits comfy, warm, and feminine this winter? 

FashionHappy Friday at!!

I caught some girls lookin oh-so fine today at work, so I’d thought I’d share their outfits with everyone!

On the left is the December Love Story Tunic

In the middle is the Sandmaiden Blush Pink Jumpsuit.

And Last but not least we have the Inertia Black Feather Earrings


FashionTrend Report: The Great Lengths of Maxi Dresses!

I am absolutely smitten that maxi dresses and skirts are some of key pieces for fall.

I adore the sillhouettes that they create, as well as their free and flowing nature. I also enjoy that the boho/peasant skirt look isn’t the prevailing look for this trend. The basic, solid colors used bring an uncomplicated elegance to the outfit and is also perfect for those who stray away from bold prints and flower patterns.

I have scoured my favorite street style blogs to bring you my favorite examples of this linear trend.

Here is a picture of me a last week in front of wearing my interpretaion of the style.

I’m sporting the Hot Chocolate Brown Maxi Dress, a black leather jacket, Leopards & Lace Silk Scarf, cutout tan flats, and the Zooey Bow Earrings.

FashionBehind the Scenes: Down The Mountain

It’s that time again, time for another Lookbook. And ladies, I won’t lie to you, Down the Mountain is by far one of my favorites. The mix of furs, wools, and knit wear will help you re-define your layered look for this fall. The styling of this particular lookbook came with the ease of a mountain breeze. Yes, I rhymed and it might have been a little cheesey, but that’s just how much I love this lookbook!!

Here is the lovely behind the scenes video, featuring the song Real Love by Delorean, a band I have had on repeat on my iPod for months.

I love you gals so much I had to give you a bigger and better look at these fabulous shots! They are just too amazing!!!

I leave you with one last thought: was this your favorite lookbook like it was mine?

If not, which Lookbook is your favorite?

GeneralFriday Funday: The Social Network

Every friday, the Facebook page is filled with hilarious pictures and funny videos from our amazing fans.

I love scrolling through and seeing what each of you has posted on our page, whether it be personal pictures or funny findings from the internet. In lieu of the much anticipated (at least for me!) Facebook-inspired movie The Social Network, which premieres today, I thought I’d bring Friday Funday over to the blog!

My first Funday contribution is a video clip I’m sure most of you are bound to enjoy! Justin Timberlake, one of the stars of The Social Network, stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and gave one of the coolest performances I’ve seen on late night in awhile. 

My next contribution is a picture, which has nothing much to do with The Social Network, other than it’s on my facebook.

Being the stylist, I’m constantly alongside the models adjusting things, and I’m often being my goofy self. One of Marty Crosley’s, our lovely photographer, favorite things to do is to snap a quick pic of awkward or funny situations before we catch on. Here is me and model Mogen in one of the Marty’s snapshots.

I hope you enjoyed my spin on Friday Funday, and feel free to let me know what you think about my submissions!

I’ll leave you with the trailer for The Social Network, which I am seeing tonight.

Are you ladies going to see it too or do you have other plans?