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BeautyDaytime Bronze Eyes with Pop Beauty

Here at LuLu*s, we are obsessed with makeup and beauty and we are always looking for a new technique or a favorite product. After we partnered up with Pop Beauty for our recent Fashion Week event, Style Studio, they sent over some awesome products for us! One of the products was a pretty and versatile palette; their Lid Bronzer. I am always looking for products that give me a finished and easy look for daytime and this palette was just perfect for creating a soft look.


Inside the palette there are these super handy instructions on how to achieve this easy and beautiful daytime bronzed look, which they titled “Pop Honeycomb Smoke”. I applied the shadow on Grace and her brown eyes were instantly brought out by the soft, violet-y browns and light pink highlights!

I love this look because it adds definition to her eyes without looking over the top. I paired her look with a soft berry shade on her lips and made sure that it was blotted to look really natural. You want to keep the eyes as the focus.

Have you tried Pop Beauty? What are your favorite products?

BeautyMaybe She’s Born With It: Maybelline Calendar 2012

Oh 2012, what will your next eight months bring? So far we’ve had a craze of minty freshness and pops of powerful citrus, but Maybelline seems to think the future might just be even brighter than that. With fistfuls of glitter, a whole lot of spandex, and some berry beautiful shades of eyeshadow and lipstick, the window-washers, teachers, and mechanics of the future are about to have a whole lot more glam under their tool belts.
No pants required! We writers are definitely in the right profession.
Next time I need to change a tire, I’ll make sure to pack my bodysuit and fishnets.
No need to microwave the leftovers; takeout just got so much hotter!
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(Pics courtesy of Refinery 29.)

BeautyBeauty Trends for 2012

To ring in the New Year I wanted to examine some of the top trends from the Spring Runway shows. Although these are relatively classic looks, I love that they are being shown on the runway because it gives us all an idea of attainable beauty and celebrates the features of a woman’s face rather than creating a theatrical or over-the-top look. Lets examine the best of the Spring 2012 Runway shows along with some products that can help you achieve the look.
Giorgio Armani featured a beautiful version of a cat-eye with silver highlights and a swoop of smokey grey shadow. This is a really beautiful interpretation of a classic cat-eye and I just love the intensity without it being too over the top. 
To achieve this look, a palette with multiple shades of sparkling silvers, greys and blacks will be perfect. I love Bobbi Brown’s Cool Party Eye Palette, shown below. To get a perfect cat eye, use an angled brush and a gel eyeliner. Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is a great choice. It is easy to control with a good brush and stays on for hours!

Flawless, flawless, flawless! There is no decade when this look is not drop-dead-gorgeous. Dewy skin, soft smoky eyes and red lips, this is just classic beauty at its best. Christian Dior knocked it out of the park with the beauty for his Spring 2012 collection. The great thing about a bold lip is while red is the classic, you can go with something a little different too. As long as you keep you makeup simple, a fuscia or an amazing orange-red will give a more modern pop of color. A statement lip, if you will!  
YSL makes an amazing lipstick, Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in Fuchsia. A bright fuchsia lip is always daring and bold and can look flattering on many skin tones. Another favorite of mine is MAC lipstick in Morange. This bright orange-red is the perfect tone for a fiery lip! I always get tons  of compliments on it and I recommend it to everyone as a fun color with more of a pop than traditional reds.
                                              Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in Fuchsia                            MAC Morange
Bold pop of color has been a theme throughout most beauty reports and has been seen on many runways. Above we have Richard Chai and Miu Miu, respectively. With neutral makeup and flawless skin as the base for this look, a pop of color is introduced at the eye. This is a really fun way to create an evening look. You don’t always have to use dark colors for a smokey eye such as black, grey or silver. Feel free to use different colors to create a sultry and smokey night time look. I love the idea of a bold orange eye with a really natural face. Here are some suggestions to achieve a similar look:
Above we have Makeup Forever eyeshadow in Rust Orange and Nars eyeshadow in Outremer. Both of these shades can be used in bold application for a daring look that is totally on trend for 2012. 
I am so excited for a new year of fabulous fashion and beauty trends!
What makeup will you be trying out in the new year? 

BeautyTrend to Try (or Trash): Temporary Lip Tattoos

Be honest: was your first reaction “get me some of those!” or “get her to a doctor!”? It’s the new trend that’s on the lips of celebrities from the Kardashian-iverse and beyond. Pioneered by a music manager and his teenage daughters, Violent Lips takes the science of temporary tattoos straight to your kisser.

Just check out all of the stars who’ve been spotted (or, dare I say, checkered, sparkled, and flagged) sporting this funky lipwear.

The facts: Said to last 4-8 hours, they go on with water, just like the temporary tattoos from childhood, and come off with baby oil or any standard makeup remover. Animal-lovers will also be happy to know that all designs have been FDA-approved, certified vegan, and “tested on supermodels, not animals”.
Now, I’m all for taking risks in the style/beauty department, but if we’re being candid here, I’m having a hard time not hating these. The reviews are mixed, (I’ve read some lessthanstellar ones), but my main reservation is perfectly exemplified above by Snooki and Keyshia Cole. Get the picture just a little out of focus and… it easily looks like you either kissed the barroom floor with fresh lip gloss (oh, Snooks), or you have some hideously chapped and inflamed infection (coral giraffe, above, is not my pattern of choice).
I think the key here is to stick to patterns that look completely unnatural and crazy-loud, and keep them safely stashed in your drawer until Halloween, theme parties, and out-of-the-ordinary functions. By all means, ladies, please prove me wrong.
(Images courtesy of toofab, the Daily Mail, BitRebels, & Necole Bitchie)

BeautyCurrent Beauty Obsessions

Who doesn’t love great beauty products? I will pretty much try any brand from drugstore to high end. I have found that often times quality comes with a price tag and those products will last longer due to their higher quality. I, for one, will gladly shell out a bit more money to get a quality product with great results. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite beauty products that make my routine that much brighter!
Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Thermafoliant
Starting off with a clean face is a no-brainer but having polished and exfoliated skin will make your skin that much brighter and healthier. Dermalogica is a truly great skin care brand and this is one of their best products! The Multi-Vitamin Thermafoliant is an amzing exfoliant that warms when you apply it to your face. It polishes away dead skin and leaves your skin super soft and healthy.
Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner
Toners are amazing. You can use a little spray whenever your skin feels dry, even over your makeup! The Multi-Active Toner, also from Dermalogica, not only makes you feel refreshed and hydrated, it actually balances your skins PH, preparing it for any treatment products or moisturizers that are to follow. This means your moisturizer will go the extra mile and you may even have to use less! Need a new moisturizer? Read on!
Estee Lauder Day Wear
Estee Lauder has been a long time favorite of mine when it comes to skin care. Day Wear is my favorite moisturizer right now and, believe me,  I have tried several of their other day time moisturizers.  This is really smooth and oil-free and offers up a hefty SPF 25 as well as anti-oxidants! My skin feels so soft after putting it on and it creates some kind of barrier where it stays that way all day. It even has anti-aging properties if you are interested in looking as beautiful as you do now forever!
Benefit High Beam
An absolute go-to of mine is Benfit’s High Beam. This face highlighter can be blended all over the face to give a dewy glow, but I prefer to use it as a spot highlight. Applied down the bridge of the nose, along the very top of your cheekbone, a small spot on the chin and a few spots on the forehead and your skin will have a really healthy glow! This is by far the best thing to help you look more awake and refreshed in the morning and also to look totally picture perfect. It is the ideal pinky-shimmer that compliments all skin tones!
Urban Decay Naked 2
In pretty much the most anticipated followup product ever, Urban Decay recently released Naked 2 a sequel to their extrememly famous Naked palette. These palettes focus on neutrals but trust me, they are anything but boring! Naked 2 is packed with 12 rich shades of gold, browns and coppers some matte as well as several shimmers. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new palette. I know I will be obsessed!
Miss Dior Cherie
This is my favorite scent of all time! Girlie yet fresh with a sweet undertone. Everyone needs a signature scent to be remembered by and this is definitely not one you can easily forget! A little goes a long way so make sure to use sparingly. Again, when you pay more you often get more in the long run!
What are some of your favorite beauty products!?