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BeautyStyle Do or Don’t: Bettie Page Bangs

I’ve always loved the iconic hair of retro pin-up model Bettie Page. Known for her short pixie bangs and curvy brown locks, Bettie’s hair became her unique and edgy style accessory. 

In short, Bettie Page bangs are cut to hit at about mid-forehead and curve up towards the temples of your head.

I’ve noticed this style of bang becoming increasingly popular among hip, fashion forward women. To me, the look carries cool, rockabilly vibes and can really make a girl stand out. At the same time, I would never make the cut myself.

Just a smidge above eyebrow length is about as short as I will go. I just know that a super short bang wouldn’t flatter my face shape. While I admire the cut on a lot of women, it’s still a daring look to pull off.

(Above: Actress Gretchen Mol in The Notorious Bettie Page. Below: Bettie Page)

That being said, I’ve noticed that certain styles manage to capture the essence of the original Bettie Page cut while toning down the extremes to make it more flattering on different face shapes.

Above, I love how Katy Perry’s bangs sit just above the eyebrow and curve just slightly up the sides, not sharply. Designer Maya Luz from this season’s Project Runway sports the same style, keeping the bangs semi-short and mostly strait towards the sides of the head. I’ve been drooling over her hair all season (and rooting her on to win!) For both Katy and Maya, dark straightened locks and bold lipstick give the look a little extra retro boost.

What do you think? Would you make the cut?

FashionFashion Factory: Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf have finally picked up where their Russian Matryoshka Doll inspired collection left off years ago. In that collection a model came out in an outfit that like a Russian doll that got smaller and smaller. This time an older model and a fashion legend, Kristen McMenamy, came out as if in a fashion show factory and was un-wrapped or un-dressed in order to dress the models coming out onto the catwalk.

The clothes were mostly spectacle and the show was all about Viktor & Rolf as they took visual precedence, over even the models. However, it was still a great show and reflected the importance of the assembly line and versatility in the production of modern fashion.

Photos were shot by Stephan Moskovic

BeautyBehind the Scenes: Being Beautyilicious @ CHIKOKO

I recently went to a local (Chico, California) fashion show by a fashion collective named Chikoko. Despite my snobbish fashion thoughts, engrained from a few years in a snobby art school and shaped by extreme fashionista mentors, I came away with a newly founded respect for small town fashion ventures and the women who put them on. I got Josh Mills, one of the photographers at the event, to send me his flickr link and found these backstage pictures which captured a certain fresh beauty and brought out intriguing detail in the clothes that I missed in the chaos and energy of the runway. Here are some of the gorgeous gals and intricate clothes backstage and before the show.

I love the clean face and big hair! Her distressed boyfriend jeans with the relaxed worn leather handbag and booties are just too cute.

The hair stylists created long braids that wrapped around the models heads. The big hair with braids added a lot of romance and texture to the look of the night.

I loved this little mini dress with its soft pink, pieced, and layered look.The model’s tattoos and makeup added a lot of edge to the sweetness of the look.

Here the ever sooooo popular PINK is utilized in both their makeup and clothes. The texture in both outfits is intriguing. On the left, the bright makeup works well to accent the colors of the outfit and of the model’s red hair! On the right, the pieced crocheted dress is dainty and demure without being an understatement.

Keep posted for pictures of the event to come!

ArtThe DOLLHOUSE on Steep Street!

Lately I’ve been trying to keep posted on the people that I have done blogs on. One person that I have succeeded, at least a little, in keeping updated on is a graphic designer, artist, and photographer named Kelty, who has a website called Steep Street. I did the first blog in August on Kelty’s website and then did another follow up blog on a photo shoot that she styled in vintage clothes

This week, I remembered to remind myself to check up on Kelty and was really glad that I did. I found myself enamored with her most recent blog post. The newest photos that she has posted are such an awesome inspiration for fashion, styling, makeup, and photography that I had to do another post!

All of the makeup done in these shots was done by the makeup artist Nadia, who has just launched a website and a blog, which include drawings of her ideas for this photo shoot! 

Obviously, it’s fun to see the final product, but I also enjoy seeing the thought and process behind a project. This one turned out so well that I really enjoyed seeing the concept and drawings of the makeup (below).

BeautyFacial Cleanser: What Do You Use?

What to use, what to use …

Today’s product lines can be daunting in the amount of choices out there. What I want to know is what the average woman does for her basic face washing rituals? Expensive, inexpensive, medicated, herbal, or nothing it all!

I asked the girls in the warehouse what they use on their faces every day, and why they like them so much. Here were some of their responses:

Kathleen: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser“It takes off all of my make-up, and is really good for sensitive skin.”

Brittani: Garnier Skin Renew.  “I use a light soap in the shower, and this face lotion. I think it’s amazing. This lotion is the best. It makes my skin feel so soft, it’s ridiculous!”

Rachel: ProActiv.  “I usually go back to ProActiv every couple of months.”

Lindsay H.: Aveeno.

Indya: Alba Coconut Milk“It’s all-natural, organic, creamy, and it’s gentle, exfoliates and moisturizing. It’s also Earth-friendly, and I can get it at my favorite co-op.”

Siobahn: Aveeno“I don’t really pay that much attention.”

Val:  “I don’t use facial cleanser because it dries my skin out. Just water.”

Me? I’m simple. I love St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub. It’s inexpensive and exfoliating.

What do you use?