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FashionFabulous Halloween Costumes: Modern Takes on Classic Icons


Finding the perfect costume for All Hallow’s Eve can be a real chore, but this year, LuLu*s has just the idea! Why not class up this scary holiday by dressing as your favorite Hollywood starlet? We chose the essentials for recreating the glamorous Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the always adorable Twiggy in all her mod glory, and the über gorgeous Marilyn Monroe with her infamous white dress in Seven Year Itch. Halloween may just end up being the most fabulous holiday yet!


Audrey: Mesh Who? Cutout Black Midi Dress, Pearled Traveler Pearl Necklace, Karla 5 Black Suede Pointed High Heels, Cinema Black Sunglasses

Twiggy: Classy Lass Fuchsia Pink Dress, Anne Michelle Enzo 53 Silver Crisscrossing Ankle Strap Heels, Teardrop Everything Silver Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings, NYX Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil, The Balm Cheater! Black Mascara

Marilyn: Flirting With Spectacular Ivory Halter Dress, My Delicious Eliza Light Gold Dress Sandals, Three’s Company Gold Ring Set, The Balm Girls Mia Moore Red Lipstick

What costume ideas do you have? Tell us in the comments below!

GeneralWhat’s Your Signature Scent?

Perfume is a funny thing. While it’s extremely personal (umm…it’s what you smell like), it’s also very public (everyone else can smell it too).
Choosing a scent to make your own is almost like a journey of self discovery. Am I a sugary vanilla sweetie or a sultry smoky vixen? Do I bathe in the stuff or just put a tiny dollop behind each ear?
I love perfume, considering it doesn’t reek or burn my nostrils. When tastefully applied, it can make you feel more glamorous, put togther and even make memories. Certain perfumes will always remind me of a specific time in my life. Getting ready to go to the 8th grade dance, my college dorm experience, that summer vacation by the beach…a scent can bring you back in an instant.

So here’s a couple of the Lulu*s staff favorites, and I must say, we smell pretty darn good.


 The Glamorous
 The timeless Coco Chanel is a staple of the ever posh Heather (photo assistant), while the ruby red Absolutely Irresistible by Givenchy is a favorite often worn by yours truly. I love to get the roll-on tube because it’s more affordable, and you can just keep it in your purse. :)

The Exotic


 A great collection of scents by Tokyo Milk keeps Lulu*s model, Laura, smelling lovely during photo shoots. Kellen (Web Operations Manager) loves her Sensi perfume from Giorgio Armani. A sensual scent with exotic floral tones, this would be perfect for an evening out.
 The Fresh and Floral

I’ve only heard great things about the popular Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, a scent Renee (returns Dept) adores. Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue is described as being cheerful, crisp and summery, which is perfect for Shandi (customer service) on her typical Mon-Fri work week.
The Sporty


Jonathan (inventory) keeps on his feet with Allure Homme Sport by Chanel, while Brittani (sample girl) loves her Abercrombie & Fitch 8 and even steals some of her boyfriend’s Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce from time to time.
The Naturalist


For those who prefer an earthier, natural scent, take a hint from Matt (inventory) and use a little Patchouli essence. I also love how both Sienna (copy writer) and Marty (photographer) use a little citrus peel zest to keep things light and fresh.
So what’s your signature scent? What do you think it says about you?


NewsIntern takes a holiday!

Greetings from L.A.!  I have just completed my road trip of California and I thought I’d share my trip with you all (while sharing some fun travel tips)! 


 My roommate and I started from our hometown of Sacramento and drove down to San Francisco to visit one of our friends (Travel Tip #1: Instead of spending loads on a hotel, stay with a friend.  They’ll be happy to have you… although don’t stay longer then 3 days, you don’t want to impose).  While there we shopped on Market St., walked around Haight and Ashbury, and had a picnic at Golden Gate park.  (Travel Tip #2: Pack some groceries.  Eating out can be fun, but it can also be unhealthy.  Instead of going to fast food joints, pack trail mix, fruit, and sandwich makings.

From San Francisco, we left for our 6 hour drive to L.A.  Neither one of us wanted to stay in the car for that long of a time, so we thought it’d be fun to make a little detour to Solvang.  Solvang is an old Dutch town with fun shops and amazing restaurants/bakeries. We ended up choosing a place to eat, and indulged in a dessert known as Aeble Skivers. These are pancake-like balls topped with Raspberry syrup and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Delicious!

After our amazing meal, we continued on the road and eventually made it to L.A. The next day we ate lunch with a friend at Mini Kabob (Travel Tip #3: Don’t judge a book by its cover, especially when applied to restaurants). Mini Kabob is this tucked away Greek restaurant run by a loving couple, and I have to say, it was the best Greek food I’ve ever had! 

Next we went to Santa Monica!  We walked through the 3rd St. promenade where there were a bunch of cool stores and some street performers.  Then we headed to the Venice boardwalk where there were more street performers and street merchants.  A lot of cool art and jewelry can be found here. 


Last, but not least we finished up in Hollywood!  After some shopping (Hello Rodeo Drive!), we went back to Graumen’s Chinese Theatre where I got to compare myself to the stars…at least with my hands and feet.  FYI I fit perfectly into Marilyn Monroe’s hands and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hands are HUGE!

Overall I had a great trip!  Talk to you all soon! 
Jenny, the intern

 P.S.  Do you have a crazy vacation story?  What tips do you use to travel?


BeautyHot new Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Campaign!

I am positively in love with these photos of Scarlett Johansson from the new Dolce & Gabbana makeup campaign.

With retro-inspired glamour that hearkens back to Marilyn Monroe, the ad wished to capture both the seductiveness and vulnerability of a woman putting on her makeup.
I think Scarlett pulls off the look brilliantly! What about you?

BeautyThe Perfect Red Lip

What could make a girl look more instantly glamorous than a lusciously bold red lip? Icons like Marilyn Monroe and today’s celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry have utilized the power of the red lip on the red carpet. Why not try it yourself at your next cocktail party or night out on the town? Follow these basic steps for a ruby red pout:

1. Prime your Lips: You wouldn’t put foundation over dry flaky skin, so don’t do the same with your lips, especially when it comes to using a bold color like red. First, exfoliate your lips so they are nice and smooth. You can do this with your favorite lip exfoliant or with a simple sugar water paste. Rinse off, dry, and apply a lip primer like NP lip primer ($15 Target).

2. Line your Lips: Lip liner is always a must for red lips. Not only does it help create a shape-defining line, but it keeps the color from fading out of the corners of your lips. For red lips, I recommend “Brick” or “Red Enriched” lip liner by MAC ($13 – $14.50 Line your entire lip with the pencil; then go on and fill in most of your lip with the liner. This will give your lipstick staying power.

3. Time for Lipstick: Now it’s time to actually apply the lipstick! What shade you choose depends a lot on your skin tone. If you have pink undertones to your skin, give “Ruby Woo” by MAC a try ($14). It is a lovely bluish-red that compliments cool skin tones. Those with yellow undertones would be better suited for MAC’s “Lady Danger,” which is a bright coral red ($14). Medium olive skin tones will look great in “Heat Wave” by NARS, a nice red with a warm undertone. Darker skin tones would be best suited with a deep burgandy or brownish red such as “Ruby Vines” by Benefit ($18) or “Dubonnet” by MAC ($14).

Use a lip brush to put on the lipstick for a precise application.

4. Almost Done!: Now blot your lips with a bit of tissue, apply some clear gloss to add some shine, and head out on the town, hot stuff!