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FashionStyle File: Prints and Patterns!

Copy the catwalk with our latest style file: prints and patterns! The spring style forecast is here and it’s all about fab florals and pretty printed pieces. From tropical prints to pretty perennials, the busier the better! Try a delicate design like our O’Neill Petra Cream Floral Print Halter Dress or go for something bold like our Good as Bold Coral Print Shift Dress. Whatever dress you decide, you’ll be on trend all season long!

FashionMilan Fashion Week: Gucci’s 90th Anniversary Show Inspired by the 70′s and Florence and the Machine

This fall is ALL about COLOR and the 70′s! For once the fall shows aren’t an army of black clad ladies.

Gucci‘s 90th anniversary show referenced the 70′s and Florence and the Machine. Silhouette, cut, and drape were all 70′s but it was the maxi dresses at the end that screamed Florence! 

The 70′s are woven into so many shows for fall 2011, that this 70′s bug must be contagious! However, based on what I just saw, Gucci’s reign on the fashion industry as well as on color trends will continue seamlessly into fall despite the lack of “originality”.


Take a look at a few of my favorite looks from the show below: 

FashionHot Trends: It’s All in the Details For Fashion Week

Have you ever wondered what people wear to fashion shows? When a city is flooded by creative fashion gurus and their followers, there’s no doubt going to be some new trends set. On the left is Anna Dello Russo sporting a totally bizarre hat by Alan Juorno, that has managed to get quite a bit of attention. Good for her though, as they say, no press is bad press! 

Below is one of my favorite photos taken so far at the shows this year (by jakandjill photographer Tommy Ton). It’s almost as if the cheetah and the zebra are meeting up for a bit of a debriefing before running off to the next show on their itinerary. 

For a taste of what a blogger looks like at fashion week, meet Susie Bubble from Style Bubble. Susie, as one of my favorite bloggers, is part of my daily fashion intake. Susie has a super-postive vibe about fashion and always seems comfortable outside the box instead of teetering unsteadily on heeless shoes. Susie is of course one of the it-girls in the blog world who’s presence during fashion week is a must. 

Above is a sampling of her outfits that she wore in the last week. And below, the many shades of brilliant blue topped off with this great knit turban caught and captured my eye. But there is a detail here that I loved even more than her turban….

It was her doubled up watches. Doubling your watch = double the time, I wish! But seriously, so cute.

This photo (above) was taken by Phil Oh.

Below are some other examples from Tommy Ton of wrist layering, with a watch thrown in the mix for good measure.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the billowing white maxi skirts with heels at heights unknown, poking out the bottom as these ladies strut from place to place.

Here is a shot of how cool a transparent white maxi can look layered with tights and a jacket. Make sure you always stand in the sun so that a blogger photographer can get the perfect photo of you! 

Last but certainly my favorite, is the Man Repeller in a white maxi with layered black jacket and sweater on top. 

Even though I try new blogs out almost every day I always end up going back to my favorites. These favorites, including Style Bubble, also include the Man Repeller who recently won an award for having the Most Original Blogger. I highly recommend following her for a daily dose of fashion humor. 

 Stay posted for more updates on fashion week’s fashionably famous trend setters. 

FashionParis Fashion Week Spring 2011 Couture: The Future In Fashion at Armani Privé!

The future has now arrived and Tron: Legacy seems to have launched fashion into a video game where clothing looks more and more surreal. The Armani Privé spring 2011 couture show seems to be embracing a new sentiment, that we have to embrace ourselves for space travel in the near future.

It seems as though the metallic threads woven into these organza garments bent light at super speeds as the models floated down the runway. 

Don’t these hats remind you of the discs that the programs of Tron:Legacy use to defend themselves? Odd reference for a couture show, I know, but I couldn’t help notice that they have a strikingly similar appearance!

Luckily there was a bit of color (teal, red, and fuchsia) thrown into the mix of gun metal silvers. 

At least, as the years go by, we know that we’re already equipped with some pretty sweet futuristic clothes. And, as technology advances we’ll be able to create high heeled functioning moon boots and anti-gravity defiant gowns by the time we’re forced to use them!

Are you ready to move to the moon? 

FashionFall in Love with Faux Fur!

We know you’ve heard about it.

We hope you’re wearing it.

But we’re going to tell you again, ‘cuz we here at we just can’t get enough of it: FAUX FUR!!!

This excitement is not without due cause: this morning, I opened the November 2010 edition of Elle Magazine and found this insanely cool spread:

(Thanks to Yenny at Studded Hearts for these pics!)

There are so many great fur textures going on here — I just want to wrap myself up in every single one of them! This is some soft you wanna get your hands on NOW!

So let’s take a look at what’s going on here: we’ve got long fur jackets, some floral maxi dresses, fur bags, fringe bags, fur boots, purple velvet, and fur vests — there are probably even some fur socks in there somewhere. I’ll bet you can see the overwhelming trend here! As you can see, then, faux fur can — and should — be worn everywhere, with lots of different outfits, in lots of different ways! 

As much as I love this trend, my poor closet is sadly lacking in this department. I decided it was time to raid the Lulu’s warehouse and stock up for myself!

Here are some of my absolute favorite faux fur pieces:

Fur-iendly Feeling Handbag by Melie Bianco

This bag is great because it dresses up any outfit, be it jeans and a tee or a more tailored, business-like look.

BB Dakota Ashland Vest

Um, hello Little Black Dress! Dressing up a classy staple with soft, supple fur immediately lends a sexy, more vulnerable air to your ensemble. This is one look they won’t be able to resist.

Minx in Moscow Faux Fur Hat

I am so excited to wear this hat with a long trench coat and boots. For one thing, it’s ridiculously adorable and soft; and for another, nobody else will have it! It’s time to make a statement this fall!

Volcom Anything Goes Faux Fur Jacket

When I first tried this coat on, I decided I was going to live in it. Period. Soft, adorable, and warm — what more could a girl need? With a retro, ski-bunny edge, this jacket is calling your name!

The Anne Michelle Savior 56 Taupe Furry Fashion High Heel Boots 

And finally, BOOTS!! Every girl needs a pair (or five) of fabulous boots, and these furry creations are a definite must for this fall. With a mini skirt and slouchy top, these boots are going to be my go-to shoe this season.

Alright girls, now it’s your turn: are you wearing faux fur? What’s YOUR favorite piece?