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FashionBehind the Scenes: Lulus Spring 2011 Gypsy Caravan Lookbook

Last week, we launched our spring 2011 lookbook, Gypsy Caravan, and I thought it was about time to give you all a peek from the other side of the lens at one of our shoots.

Below is the behind the scenes video featuring Forget That You’re Young, the new single from The Raveonettes’ forthcoming Raven In the Grave.

In addition to the video, I also wanted to give you some photographic treats. On every shoot, I bring some of my own cameras to take pictures not only for my own personal benefit, but for you ladies as well. This time I brought my new Fuji-roid, the Instanx 210, and the pictures that came out were amazing — take a look!

This is a location that is very close to the Lulus warehouse! Isn’t Chico, California, beautiful? 

FashionParis Fashion Week Spring 2011 Couture: Christian Dior

The doors have opened for Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011 Couture season and we’re already swooning with excitement. So far, from what I have seen at my desk on, Galliano has struck a goldmine with his collection for Christian Dior.

The collection looks back to the “New Look” and upholds a lady like demeanor fit for a queen. The models seem to be statues of socialite elegance strutting down the runway in the fullest skirts ever seen and wrapped in gowns containing enough fabric for all of Paris to fit under. 

The color story isn’t too sophisticated and if it weren’t for the pale blue that seems to have been misted over some of the garments I would even venture to say that it was quite boring! 

What seems to hold this collection together is the stoic and timeless elegance of the “Dior” woman. Galiano knows who his customers are and this collection will offer them some great red carpet, gala worthy pieces to choose from. 

FashionFashion Collaboration: The Alien Invasion of Lily Donaldson

An invasion of alien beauty bombarded my fashion world last week when this fashion editorial came to me through Fashion Gone Rogue. Don’t fear, this is a peaceful invasion of a stoic super model, Lily Donaldson, caught by photographer Sølve Sundsbø. 


It’s almost as if she’s on another planet with her serene poses and calm reassuring attitude. 

An updo can look old and tried but here it looks new and modern. The reflection of the light off of Donaldson’s hair and the contrast of the shadows in the folds of the garment create highlight every detail in the clothing and on the model.

Here Lily Donaldson looks like a sand mermaid, apparently a new type of creature that sparkles while basking in the sun of the dunes. 

Oh how I love this shot! I know the pants are bizarre, but they utilized them to pose her in JUST the right way! 

Sundsbø captured these wonderful silhouettes of brilliantly constructed garments, styled to perfection by George Cortina, for November 2008 Vogue Nippon.

FashionW Magazine’s Fashion On Film Festival

I have always been an avid fashion editorial follower and have been rejoicing ever since they’ve become easier and easier to track down. However, in the mean time I have been waiting patiently for an online forum which features fashion films, not just editorials. Essentially, what I wanted was a Fashion Youtube, and I have found just that. 

W Magazine has come to my rescue and granted my wish by dedicating an entire part of their site to Fashion On Film


After watching a few of the films featured on their site, I have fallen in love with the short fashion film. The film is Modelgeddon, uploaded to W Magazine for their Fashion On Film Festival which was guest curated by Hervé Mikaeloff. Modelgeddon was created for LOVE Magazine as a collaboration between director James Lima and Donatella Versace. The short film features supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Claudia Mason and Julie Ordon as actual superheros.

 Happy Fashion On Film watching!!

BeautyThe Ultimate Chinese Beauty: Du Juan

I’ve fallen in love with a new model this week and for once, she’s not a blonde. 

This time, a stunning face with metallic painted nails, a jet black curled bob, and pouty Lindsey Wixson-esque lips caught my undivided attention instantly. 

I found an editorial posted on Fashion Gone Rogue of Du Juan for Vogue China. After a little bit of google research I found that Du Juan was actually the first Asian cover model in 2005 when Mario Testino shot her for Vogue Paris. Since then Du Juan has appeared on many covers and graced the catwalks of many designers as well as stared in their ad campaigns. 

Take a look and enjoy this editorial which, features both the model and the makeup artist’s wonderful play on metallics for this holiday season.