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FashionModel Profile: Vlada Roslyakova by David Mushegain

My favorite treat at the end of the day or during my breaks is to thumb leisurely through editorials. This editorial, I happened to find (clicking through) on Fashion Gone Rogue and it’s from a March 2008 issue of Vogue Paris.

With her glamazon barbarella inspired makeup and sculpted hair do’s this model looks like a wax model scuplted by Nicolas Ghesquiere himself!


This last photograph really captures the essence of the Balenciaga collection that was released forSpring 2008 fashion week in Paris right before this shoot was done.

BeautySpring 2011 Beauty Trends!

I pulled my favorite looks from the Top Beauty Moments of Spring 2011 on to give everyone some fresh makeup ideas for the weekend ahead!

Pat McGrath for Nina Ricci emphasized the entire eyelid with a saturated color for an outstanding look.

Fresh faces on Lindsey Wixson at Versace (left) and at Porenza Schouler

Abbey Lee Kershaw went PLATINUM blonde to add some punch to her look.

And last but not least we have a punch of neon color that is to die for! Peter Phillips hand mixed these colors at Fendi to emphasize the lips and leave the rest of the face perfectly down played.

FashionSlowly Falling Apart : A Look at Deconstructing Fashion

Every once in a while, when the interest sparks, I collaborate with my friend, fashion photographer and model, Daniel Martin Noval

I collaborated with him on a series of photos, using clothes, when we went to Hawaii for Spring break last March and posted them on our blog

This time Daniel wrote to me about an idea to photograph and film a dress as it was being deconstructed and torn to pieces. I happened to have an entire box of delicate cotton gauze that I could use to create a gown that would look ornate and also be easy to pull apart, shred, and ultimately destroy. 

Here are the photographs and the video that resulted from our collaboration…

All in all, I thought the outcome captured this specific model in a thoughtful and intriguing way.

Almost as if she was battling with herself on film.

ArtPortraits of A City!

My friend and fellow artist Daniel Martin Noval has journeyed from Portland to New York and then over to Chicago all the while pursuing fashion in every form possible. From modeling himself, to scouting locations, traveling, and taking photographs, Daniel is a jack of all trades in the fashion industry.

I recently raided his blog and Facebook fan page for new photos to show me exactly how much fashion faux paus he’d been up to, and I discovered that in fact he’d actually gone off to fashionista heaven (the fashion photos aren’t released yet so you’ll have to wait)!

These are a few pictures that immediately caught my eye. Compiled, these photos make a grand portrait of a city that I personally love! Keep posted for more to come this week!!


Now this photo couldn’t get more CHICAGO!!

FashionTrend Report: Black Boleros and Utilitarian Style

<!– caught Lily Donaldson (one of my favorite models) in an adorably casual outfit that made black bolero hats and utilitarian style suitable for any event.

This was the Premiere and Dinner of the documentary about the graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. The documentary explores the life and work of Jean-Michel Basquiat with archival footage and directed by his close friend Tamra Davis.




Here is our version of Lily’s outfit! We have an adorable bowler hat which is really close to Lily’s hat!! Check out the items below to get a similar look!!!

Pair the the Pack Feather Hat by Brixton with the Rebel Light Blue Button Up  by RVCA,  the Levi’s 501 Cutoff Shorts in Gasoline, and the  Bamboo Holt 24 Strappy Uber Wedge in Vegan Leather.