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FashionThe LOOKBOOK Behind the Scenes VIDEO!!!

You guys asked for more behind the scenes, so Cara, (our lovely lady stylist) threw this video together from the footage taken on her iPhone while we were shooting our Lookbook!

Of course Cara (who is also a music guru) picked out a great song for the video by Matt AND Kim called Daylight from their album the Grand.

Remember to keep posted tomorrow for more behind the scenes pictures and next week we’ll be featuring the entire photo studio so that you’ll know all about who is putting on your favorite images!

FashionBehind the Scenes: The Spring Lookbook! Part One

Our spring lookbook is finally launched, letting all you ladies in on some of the best trends Spring 2010 has to offer! The creative team here at put a lot of effort into getting this done and it has definitely paid off. Now I get to show you some of my exclusive behind the scenes photos from the shoots!

Here is Siobhan and Nyala primping our model Laura at an old movie theatre in downtown Chico, which was used for Discreet Charm!
Above is our local burrito joint used for Geek Chic!
Kyndrah and Marty Crosley, our wonderful photographer, were hard at work…and playing with their cameras. My bike also made a cameo in this shoot!


Be sure to keep updated for more behind the scene photos, as well as profiles on our models and photographer are coming this week!!

BeautyLove the Look: A Whimsical Updo

It all started with my desk mate and fellow blogger, Sienna.

Her long, curly locks were artistically pined up in twisted strands at the top of her head. In the midst of this gorgeous brunette nest, she had pinned a darling bird figurine perched next to two robin’s eggs. Amazing.

Then it was the girl at my favorite coffee shop, who had fashioned several blooming flowers behind her ear with her hair all piled off to the side in quirky but darling manner.

I coined it: The Whimsical Updo.

The thing I love about this hair style is that anything goes. A scrap of your favorite ribbon, an elegant peacock feather, a string of pearls, fresh picked flowers … just pin them on and attain instant “fairy tale princess” status. The more creative and cute, the better.

Let your hair go naturally wavy or add some body and texture with a sea salt spray. Pile randomly on the top of your crown and secure with a mound of bobby pins. Garnish as desired.


For inspiration, check out these amazing looks captured by London-based photographer Joanna Kustra. Then check our selection of hair accessories to get started.

FashionModel Profile Olivia!!

And now I am here to introduce Olivia. Olivia is one of our beautiful, charming, and oh soooooo sweet models! If we were to give a Miss Congeniality award it would most definitely go to this LuLu*s lady!

I had a moment earlier today to see what Olivia’s life was like outside of working at

Olivia is originally from San Francisco (my favorite city in the U.S) and she moved to Chico to attend Chico State University. At Chico State she is studying English Literature. Olivia’s favorite food is Thai food because she is an avid vegetarian.

On her free time Olivia can be found breaking hearts around town with her best friend, Kyndrah (below is a pic of them together), who is also one of our models and who we featured on the blog a little while ago.

And here are a few pictures of Olivia modeling at a fashion show that I thought were especially pretty!

FashionAloha from Hawai’i! Day 5: Night Rider

Dear Diary,

After going to North Shore, learning how to surf, and having a BBQ we decided to go on a hike through the Ma’akua gulch to swim in some waterfalls!

We drove to the East side of the island and traversed down a ravine that looked like it was straight out of Jurassic Park. At the end of the hike the walls closed in and we had to climb up a series of waterfalls to get to the end of the gulch! We got to a point where I couldn’t continue and had to watch as Mark (our guide) climbed up the face of a slippery 30 foot waterfall.

When we got home, despite being sore, we dressed up and rode our mopeds downtown for some dancing. Here’s what the girls wore out!

On Sierra the Made For Maui Dress by Collective Concepts was paired with Claire Fong earrings, a belt, and layered necklaces for an amaizingly simple but glamorous look! I threw in Sierra’s moped goggles to make for a fun and funny acessory to top off the look! Molly sports a vintage leather jacket over her shoulder and huge colorful bangles with a dress that I designed.

Photos by Daniel Noval and styled by Siobhan Barrett.