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MusicMonday Music Must: Cee-Lo Green’s The Lady Killer

As the clouds come rolling in for their usual six month winter boogie, I find myself reaching for the more soulful beats of funk music than anything else. Well, my search is over: kudos to Mr. Cee-Lo Green for releasing this seasons’ finest funk with his latest album, The Lady Killer.

This album, buoyed by the Internet success of its first single, “Forget You” promises a soulful thrill ride that’ll keep you steamy in this biting November chill.

You’ve probably heard Mr. Green’s voice before: His 2006 collaboration with Dangermouse gave us Gnarles Barkley and that little-known hit, “Crazy.” The video for that super-single featured some of the most interesting visuals I’ve seen, mimicking a rainbow-hued Rorschach like nobody’s business.

Will you be picking up The Lady Killer when it drops November 10?

Carmen B.

MusicPlaylister: Rainy Days

After the horror fest of this weekend, I’m ready to curl up on my couch with some new tracks and recover from the sugar rush—especially in this rainy winter weather. If you’re still enjoying blue skies, I’ve got mad jealousy! 

Missy Elliot – “I Can’t Stand The Rain”
Missaaaaaay! I love this woman more than is probably healthy, and it cannot be denied: her tunes are fresher than a new loaf of bread. This old school Missy track is what got me on the Elliot train in the first place, and I’ve never looked back. Lulettes, she is supa dupa fly. 

Bill Withers – “Ain’t No Sunshine”
Bill Withers’ smooth vocals and delivery make this song a must have for your car, your ipod, or mix cd for that special someone in your life—trust me on this one, folks. Plus, check out his sweet turtleneck!  Amazing.

Rupert Holmes – “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”
If you don’t like this song, you’re nuts! Cute lyrics and a catchy as hell melody make for a delightful storytelling song—and, c’mon: everyone likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Everyone. 


FashionWHIP MY HAIR: Willow Smith’s Youthful Take on Fashion and Music!

I received a text message last week from my sister with the words Willow Smith, Whip My Hair

Now, I didn’t know what Willow Smith, Whip My Hair meant, or what it could possibly lead me to, so I didn’t do anything about it and honestly just forgot about it. However, the next day I was on Facebook and saw a post with the same words in it so then I had to check it out. 

I clicked play on what turned out to be this epic and astonishingly creative music video by non other than Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith. The styling and genius makeup (rhinestones on her lip etc) was so much fun to watch, that I caught myself re-posting (and now blogging about it) instantly.

So here is Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair. I hope you have fun watching and are able to enjoy its youth and energy as much as I did. 

My favorite part of her website is Willow’s Warriorette/Warrior Pledge. Check it out and then go pledge yourself!


MusicMonday Music Must: Taylor Swift’s Speak Now!

Oh T. Swift! Fearless was one of my favorite albums of 2009, full of slick pop and heartfelt, endearing, and relatable lyrics. The world at large is convinced of Swift’s talent, though it seems like every time I mention the girl at least one or two haters pop up to protest her fame and popularity.

Since Speak Now was written entirely by Miss Taylor, I was ready to turn a critical ear to it and settle the turmoil once and for all.
Speak Now certainly shows off what Swift does best—writing a solid pop song whose lyrics point fingers at the man who did her wrong.

Songs like “Innocent” (her response to Kanye West’s famous interruption at the VMAs) and “Dear John” definitely sizzle—Though “Dear John,” a tune about getting burned by that jerk John Mayer, seems a little overindulgent (it goes on for 7 minutes, y’all! SEVEN MINUTES? Jeez!). Though not all of these vengeful love songs are so pointed, these two stand out as this record’s most scandalous tracks.

Here’s a video of the album’s first single, Mine:

Overall this album stays in Swift’s heartbroken comfort zone and rarely do any of these songs sound any different form Fearless. While such an artistic choice may keep some fans happy, those who have been arguing for the creative side of Team Taylor are offered little here by way of musical evolution.

Will you be picking up Speak Now today?

Carmen B.

MusicPlaylister: Time for a Little POP?

I’m no snob about pop music. After all, what do you sing at the top of your lungs with all your buddies? A pop song, that’s what. Here are my favorite singalongs on the charts right now:

Neon Trees – “Animal”

I love the scratchy vocals and the tempo of this song. Neon Trees has been climbing the charts with this winner and I say good for them! This is a great track from an overall snappy album that has been a big hit on my stereo lately.

Adele – “Make You Feel My Love”

Oh my goodness, this song is beautiful. Adele’s rich, sultry voice is perfectly matched to the vulnerability in these lyrics and video. Currently at #20 on the UK charts, this slow, gorgeous song is sure to win a special place in your heart.

The Wanted – “All Time Low”

OMG hot boy band! Ignore their stiff, wannabe male model poses and all around cheesy video and just concentrate on their dreamy (and varied!) facial structures, hairstyles, and outfits—all while bobbing your head along to this kick ass dance jam! I love this song for it’s catchy hook of a melody and the British accents that peek into their singing voices. Adorable!

-Carmen B.