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MusicPlaylister: A Relaxing Playlist for Your Busy Week from Guest Blogger Carmen B.!

Is anyone else exhausted? Let’s relax and listen to some tracks that are the equivalent of a back rub and a cozy blanket. Sounds heavenly. 

Dr. Dog – “Where’d All the Time Go?”

Mmm, bring on the bluesy goodness! This song is woozy and droopy eyed, with reedy vocals and instrumentation that rejects frills for a straightforward if somewhat depressing tune. 

Deerhunter – “Earthquake”

Carried by a slow drum machine’s snaps and swirls, this mellow track may cause involuntary swaying and spontaneous naps. Listen while standing in line at the grocery store, studying, or getting ready for a totally sweet mid afternoon snooze.  

Caribou – “Odessa”

Okay, so maybe this song is a little more upbeat than your average lullaby. Hey, who’s blog is this, anyway??? Electronic echoes and quiet, clear, repetitive lyrics make me feel like I’m falling down the rabbit hole (in a good way). What better way to enter dreamland?

– Carmen B.


MusicMonday Music Must: Mark Ronson & the Business Intl.

If you like the Gorillaz or The Neptunes, Mark Ronson & the Business Intl.’s upcoming release Record Collection is perfect for you, pumpkin!

After snagging wicked collaborations with artists like Q-Tip, MNDR, Ghostface Killah, and Boy George, the project’s mastermind Mark Ronson has crafted a no holds barred pop attack on us listeners, complete with frenzied drum machines and synthesizers to beat the band.

The videos for Record Collection’s singles certainly match the sound. Featuring 80’s special effects, a washed out, vintage color scheme and the most rockin’ romper this side of 1985, “Bang Bang Bang” is totally worth a peep:

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL “Bang Bang Bang” from Warren Fu on Vimeo.


Will you be snagging the latest from Mark Ronson and the Business Intl when it drops September 28?

MusicPlaylister: A Motivating Playlist for the Busy Week Ahead!


This week is all about staying on top of my workload. Who’s with me?! Set phasers to stun, ladies, and turn up the soundtrack to taking on the world in style. 

Adam and the Ants – “Kings of the Wild Frontier”

If I need to get pumped, I put on this song. With a frenzied, militaristic drumbeat and expressive chant-like lyrics, this song sounds like The Clash gone savage. Need a “fierce” boost? Turn this ish up. (P.S. Don’t you love the singer’s jacket in this video? A little bird told me that this style is a must this winter!)

Miike Snow – “Sylvia”

If you like OneRepublic’s “Apologize,” you’ll love this track. The melodies are upbeat and kind of spacey, like these Swedes went to a dance club on a comet to write and record “Sylvia.” Synthesizers are backed up by a sweet piano lick that soothes the soul while getting that booty moving. Dance break, anyone?

The Juliana Hatfield Three – “Spin the Bottle”

This song tells the timeless tale of the anticipation of young love and party games. It’s true feel-good 90’s alternative pop rock, complete with bright girlish vocals, a catchy guitar hook and sassy yet relatable lyrics. 

(Check out the VJ’s awesome style as he introduces the video. Isn’t he adorable? In denim-y kind of way.)


Carmen B.

MusicPlaylister: A Playlist for Your Day from Guest Blogger Carmen B.!


Now that school’s started, I keep finding myself making homework playlists on my iTunes instead of actually writing essays. Oops! Here’re the songs I’ve got on repeat this week:

Of Montreal – “Hydra Fancies”

This song is filled with synthesized goodness that sprinkles out Kevin Barnes’ weirdly satisfying melodies with an upbeat, trippy gusto. Pumping this on my morning walk to school never ceases to amaze. 

Brandon Flowers – “Swallow It”

I’m obsessed! BFlo’s sweet, intelligent “Swallow It” features a steady build that makes me want to dance with my eyes closed and my hair in my face, fearlessly. Either that or sing really loudly by myself in the car on the freeway. The usual. 

Bow Wow Wow – “Fools Rush In”

This cover of the classic song has a killer new wave twist. Not only is it a great karaoke song, but you’ll feel all bubbly and colorful while you listen to this excellent version. It’s like being at a luau in the middle of an African safari. Who could resist?

 What’s on your playlist for the week?

MusicRock & Roll 101: Radiohead!

Rock and Roll 101:

There’ll always be those “Big Bands” out there—the ones everyone seems to think define a genre (for better or for worse).

Consider R&R101 your weekly cheat sheet to genre defining music.


British rock band that dominates stereos of fans age 12-100. Features brilliant sound (think: heavy pop rock guitar melodies with an electronic twist; robots) and even better lyrics (think: angst/alienation/awesome). Thom Yorke – singer. Incredible. Antisocial. Weird eye. Frequently depressed.

Start with 1997’s Ok Computer to “get it”.  The thing is so full of LAYERS and BEAUTY and THOUGHT. This album had some phenomenal reviews and gained great critical acclaim throughout the music world, giving Radiohead street cred among its peers and making it a favorite of CD players everywhere. Changes in sound followed in subsequent albums Kid A and Amnesiac, but so did a loyal fan base who were hardly disappointed by the band’s evolution toward 2003’s searing Hail to the Thief. Radiohead’s latest album, In Rainbows, was released online in 2007.

Above the “Pyramid Song” is from Amnesiac

Starving students rejoiced—payment amounts were optional. Hooray! New tracks from the band are imminent, as they’ve been recording a new project since 2008. Hooray pt. 2! 


For an A La Mode Road Trip: Play The Bends from start to finish.

Thank me later. 


Carmen B.