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MusicMusical Muses: First Aid Kit

On a recent search for new music for my work playlist one band has captured my undivided attention. The band, or better said duo that has finally refreshed my daily playlists is the wonderfully young and totally adorable First Aid Kit

My first encounter with the band was their cover of the Fleet Foxes song ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’. As soon as I saw the sweet big eyes staring through thick fringed bangs and heard the soulfully haunting voices of these sisters I couldn’t get enough. They reminded me, nostalgically of when I’d listen to Joanna Newsom on repeat all day long. Much like Newsom, their elfish voices resonate deep within you while they are singing.

First Aid Kit is made up of Swedish sisters Klara (17 years old) and Johanna Söderberg (19 years old) who first became known for their covers of songs such as the Fleet Foxes one. However, they have become just as well known for their own poetic and darkly romantic songs. Hard Believer is one of my favorite songs that they have written. While being creative and quirky in its approach to visualizing their music, the Hard Believer video stays true to the song and the performers.

NewsEURO TRIP: Night Life in Hvar, Croatia!

One of my favorite things about going out in new places is dressing up and the nights spent in Hvar, Croatia on my holiday to Europe were just perfect! It was warm enough for dresses but cool enough for jeans and I finally got to wear my Machinery Dress by RVCA

We sported our gladiator sandals with jeans and got to wear our Collective Concepts patterned dresses with brightly painted fingernails and wedged sandals.

Keep in mind that when you’re on vacation you can literally wear whatever you like and you don’t have to see anyone ever again if you don’t want to!!


Chelsea and I went out to a lovely dinner alongside the harbor with our friend Alex (whom we met on the ferry). They enjoyed sea food while I ate some Italian inspired gnocchi (a potato dumpling pasta type thing that is amazing!!). 


 After dinner we went out for drinks at “the” Carpe Diem Bar overlooking the water in the harbor. 

 Here we are sporting and Claire Fong exclusive earrings with our new friends!


On our second night after spending a wonderful day in the sun we went out to a small night club tucked into the hillside of Hvar and just a short (5 min) walk from the harbor where all the restaurants and bars are. 

I wore the Bamboo Sherry 75 Sand Wedge Me in Cuffed Thongs both nights and they were totally easy to walk and dance in.  

And last but not least the song below followed us from dinner to bar to night club throughout Hvar and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys! 

MusicMonday Music Must: Florence + the Machine!!

I’ve finally had a chance to do a blog on the grandiose sounds of Florence + the Machine!

Florence + the Machine is fronted by a head strong and completely unconventional Florence Welch. With her wild costumes and funky hair I consider Florence the indie/folk version of Karen O.  

Florence + the Machine’s musical magic spawns from the layering of various sounds and instruments in experimental ways. Echoing beats made on large drums (or the walls of the studio that Florence actually beats herself for the recordings) are paired with the haunting tone of Florence’s voice resonating through space to make powerful music, which I’ve become enamored with.

 Within the chaos of Florence’s music videos you can get a glimpse of her mighty presence and really feel her musical passion through her lyrics. Watch and enjoy….

 You’ve Got the Love

Dog Days Are Over

MusicMonday Music Must: Cavalier by Silver Columns

Here is a great song made to scare away anybody’s Monday blues… check out the new song Cavalier by Silver Columns….

MusicJanelle Monáe the “Different Kind of Diva”

<!–Dubbed by Vogue as a “different kind of diva”, Janelle Monáe likes to keep her music interesting. Mixing the sounds of jazz, funk, and soul, its no wonder Sean “Diddy” Combs saw potential and signed this young artist.

After the success of her first album “Metropolis” which earned her a Grammy (read about “Metropolis” from a previous blog!), her sophomore album follows up where the first one left entitled “The ArchAndriod”, released by Bad Boy Records.

Needless to say Janelle is not affraid of thinking outside of the box. On her website, she describes her new album as an epic James Bond film set in outer space. There’s no doubt this artist is on her way to the top, while changing the way people perceive music.

Want to listen to more of this mixing diva? Here’s her hit “Cold War” from her new album:

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