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BeautyNails by The Biebs!

What can’t this mini-mogul do? This Justin Bieber beauty craze comes in a small and colorful bottle. What could it be? No, it is not a love potion to make The Biebs fall head over heels for you! Tap into your inner Belieber with this fresh line of nail polishes in an array of colors! The 17 year old designed a line of polish for Nicole by OPI called One Less Lonely Girl Collection this past October. Although it has been out for a while, I can’t wait to get ahold of a few bottles of my own! With his signature purple and plenty of primary colors in the mix, this line has clever names such as One Less Lonely Glitter, One Time Lime and Give Me the First Dance. 

Personally, I love the glitter shade on the top left. It has chunks of multi-colored glitter and would be perfect layered on top of a light blue polish. I love statement polish and these shades are not for the faint of heart. They would make the perfect gift for the Bieber-loving teen (or adult!) in your life.

I think that Justin wants his nails painted, in the shade of Step 2 the Beat of My ♥. What do you think?

FashionWeekend Inspiration: Vicki from Magpie Girl

Happy Friday! After a long week and very chilly temperatures I was really excited to see some inspirational images by the lovely Vicki of Magpie Girl. She has a fashion blog with absolute cute overload! Every outfit is girly and on trend. What really drew me in was the super saturated images vibrant with pinks, greens, oranges and rich neutrals.

When days are grey and rainy the best thing you can do is put on a favorite song and collect some visual inspiration to keep your mind open and creative. At least, thats what I think! So enjoy these beautiful pictures. If you are feeling adventurous and a little experimental play the video below for a full transport to another state of mind! Glasser is one of my favorite new singers and her angelic voice combined with electronic and abstract elements really put the mind at ease.

MusicFeelin So Fly: Dev and Indie Pop!

Rarely do I stay up past midnight, but last Friday, I’m so glad I did. In a marathon of old movies and crocheting mittens, I was able to catch Last Call with Carson Daly, and learn all about Indie Pop!
If you’ve ever heard of The Far East Movement, or a little song called “Like a G6″, then you’ve heard some of the mastery produced in this LA based “hybrid-production company”.
Among other things, Indie Pop’s mission is to “uncover young, raw talent and provide the time, resources, and TLC necessary to build them into powerhouse’s in the music industry.”
One of their discovered treasures is the hip young artist know as Dev.

Featured in “Like a G6″, Dev is that cute hipster gal who sings the powerful and catchy hook, which was sampled from her own release, “Booty Bounce”.


Dev’s newest project with “The Cataracs” was just released November 15th, and we can’t wait to see where she will pop up next!

MusicMonday Music Must: Brandon Flowers!

Brandon Flowers, be my boyfriend!

I cannot get enough of Brandon Flowers’ latest album, Flamingo.

We all know this stud as the vocalist of The Killers, everybody’s favorite Las Vegas dance pop machine. I heard BFlo’s first solo single, “Crossfire,” after it got leaked online on June 11 of this year, and let me tell you sweet peas: I was hooked faster than a celebrity on Kombucha.

Other leaked jams have revealed, Flamingo, as an album that’s as danceable as The Killers with a prettier, more vulnerable tone that Mr. Flowers has never shown us before.

Bonus: the music video for “Crossfire” features a kick-ass Charlize Theron saving Flowers from, like, 50 ninjas while he gives her the cutest little smiles of gratitude ever captured on film.

Girl power and a sensitively sweet man?!

I am SO buying this record when it drops September 14!

Written by Our Newest Guest Blogger: Carmen B.

MusicMeet Uni and her Ukelele!

Hats off to one of my favorite singer/ songwriters Uni and her Ukelele!
Not only does this charming San Francisco based artist produce beautiful melodic tunes accompanied by her miniature instrument “Sally Luka”, but this fashionista has a new amazing, stupendous and adorable look every time I see her! Cute!
This album in particular “As Gold” , has been on my constant playlist for the past two years. A collection of sweet love songs backed by a fantastic string trio!
My boyfriend and I took a quick photo op with Uni after a local show last fall! I can’t wait to get her newest album “U Comp” for my collection!