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MusicMonday Music Must: Brandon Flowers!

Brandon Flowers, be my boyfriend!

I cannot get enough of Brandon Flowers’ latest album, Flamingo.

We all know this stud as the vocalist of The Killers, everybody’s favorite Las Vegas dance pop machine. I heard BFlo’s first solo single, “Crossfire,” after it got leaked online on June 11 of this year, and let me tell you sweet peas: I was hooked faster than a celebrity on Kombucha.

Other leaked jams have revealed, Flamingo, as an album that’s as danceable as The Killers with a prettier, more vulnerable tone that Mr. Flowers has never shown us before.

Bonus: the music video for “Crossfire” features a kick-ass Charlize Theron saving Flowers from, like, 50 ninjas while he gives her the cutest little smiles of gratitude ever captured on film.

Girl power and a sensitively sweet man?!

I am SO buying this record when it drops September 14!

Written by Our Newest Guest Blogger: Carmen B.

MusicMeet Uni and her Ukelele!

Hats off to one of my favorite singer/ songwriters Uni and her Ukelele!
Not only does this charming San Francisco based artist produce beautiful melodic tunes accompanied by her miniature instrument “Sally Luka”, but this fashionista has a new amazing, stupendous and adorable look every time I see her! Cute!
This album in particular “As Gold” , has been on my constant playlist for the past two years. A collection of sweet love songs backed by a fantastic string trio!
My boyfriend and I took a quick photo op with Uni after a local show last fall! I can’t wait to get her newest album “U Comp” for my collection!

MusicMonday Music Must: Christina Perri

Since our favorite lady Siobhan is off for the week, I am stepping up to bring you the latest and greatest for your Monday Music Must!



You may have never heard of Christina Perri before, but after the June 30th episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” she has exploded into the collective music consciousness. From behind dancers Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick, Perri’s song “Jar of Hearts” reached the ears of many; more than 48,000 downloads of her song on the Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs charts debuted her at No. 28 this week.* Not bad for a Philly girl who isn’t even signed!

Perri’s voice is haunting in the honest hurt that can be felt in the song lyrics. Such an open expression of emotion will hopefully pay off in the future. Good Luck Christina! I’ll be getting your EP when it comes out!





MusicMonday Music Must: Florence + the Machine!!

I’ve finally had a chance to do a blog on the grandiose sounds of Florence + the Machine!

Florence + the Machine is fronted by a head strong and completely unconventional Florence Welch. With her wild costumes and funky hair I consider Florence the indie/folk version of Karen O.  

Florence + the Machine’s musical magic spawns from the layering of various sounds and instruments in experimental ways. Echoing beats made on large drums (or the walls of the studio that Florence actually beats herself for the recordings) are paired with the haunting tone of Florence’s voice resonating through space to make powerful music, which I’ve become enamored with.

 Within the chaos of Florence’s music videos you can get a glimpse of her mighty presence and really feel her musical passion through her lyrics. Watch and enjoy….

 You’ve Got the Love

Dog Days Are Over

MusicMonday Music Must: Cavalier by Silver Columns

Here is a great song made to scare away anybody’s Monday blues… check out the new song Cavalier by Silver Columns….