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MusicSparks the Rescue

Not much comes to mind when thinking about the state of Maine except for their thousands of lakes… that is until now.

Sparks the Rescue is a 5-man pop/rock band ensemble from Portland, Maine. Their originality, high energy, and musical talent makes this band a force to reckon with.

Ten years in the making has evolved Sparks the Rescue, comprised of Alex Roy (vocals),Toby McAllister (guitar), Patrick O’Connell(guitar), Ben Briggs (bass) and Nathan Spencer (drums) from high school wannabes to rock stars. In 2009, MTV crowned them the official winner of the “I Want My Music On MTV! Competition!, and they are now are touring across the country on the VANS WARPED TOUR.

Their latest single “We Love Like Vampires” off of their “Eyes to the Sun” album has caught the attention of fans and vampire lovers everywhere. They have incorporated societies obsession/fad with vampires into a pop/rock love song.

I love their music video because it is unique, yet relatable, and I must say they do look good with fangs! 

 Check out Sparks the Rescue’s new music video “We Love Like Vampires”

MusicSantigold + Animatronic Love = I’m A Lady

Ok, so finally here is an animatronic LOVE song that I’m in LOVE with: “I’m A Lady” by Santigold. Check out this video, where Santi White who makes up the Santigold voice, sings her heart out.

Here, a lone man makes his perfect robotic lady on a rooftop in NYC. This video is much more low key than either the Lady Gaga one or the Black Eyed Peas one. However, I truly enjoy listening to this song over and over.



MusicNew Single from She & Him!

Summer is fast approaching, and I have a feeling that She & Him‘s new album Volume Two will be essential part of my summer soundtrack.

If you aren’t familiar with She & Him, here’s the breakdown:

The band consists of M. Ward, a indie singer-songwriter who rose to fame out of the Portland, Oregon, music scene, and Zooey Deschanel, one of our favorite actresses here at M. Ward was impressed by Zooey’s singing in the movie Elf, and after she sent him some demos, he insisted she record them proper. Thus, She & Him was born.

I first heard of She & Him almost two years ago to the day, when I was asked to record a video review of their first album, Volume One, for the college radio station I was working for. I’ve had them stuck in my head ever since.

The pair just premiered the video for their new single “In the Sun” that’s absolutely adorable. Check it out below: 

Their sophomore album, Volume Two, hits stores March 23, so mark your calendars.

MusicAnimatronic love + Black Eyed Peas = ???

Lady Gaga nailed the robotic look in her Bad Romance video, with the help of Alexander McQueen of course, but now lets take a look at what the Black Eyed Peas attempted with the same style.

In their Imma Be Rockin That Body music video Fergie sports super futuristic cyber costumes that don’t quite cut it in my book. I personally think they look a little too contrived. However, I do kind of like the way the video is a made like a feature film, and I particularly enjoy the gigantic robots landing outside in the L.A. desert and attacking them.

My sister, who considers herself an expert at all things Gaga and robotic, said this about the video above:

“I’ve noticed a few things:

ONE: Lady Gaga’s animatronic style is more than infectious.

TWO: I can’t stand the way the Black Eyed Peas have turned the Gaga/McQueen influenced outfits into cheaper versions. I’ll take Lady Gaga any day over their new video Imma Be Rockin That Body.”

What do you think?

MusicAntimatronic LOVE Week!

Animatronic love stories have taken over the music scene. The recent music videos, inspired by the tale of robotic love in the 1927 film, Metropolis, have invaded the fashion scene as well as the musical one. This week we’ll see how some good and some bad (very bad) music and fashion have come from this inhuman trend!

I’m going to start this week of robotic fashion and music with the “Bad Romance” video by Lady Gaga. Fashion and science fiction have been married into a robotic fashion statement created by the ultimate king of fantasy, the late Alexander McQueen. I have to admit I actually enjoy this video, as well as McQueen’s haute couture shoes and costumes!