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ArtMusic + ART = Go DO by Jónsi

I was perusing some music blogs the other day when I happened upon a music video that literally transported me to another world. The song that captured me was Go DO by Jónsi of Sigur Rós.

If you don’t know or aren’t familiar with Sigur Rós then I recommend checking them out but keep in mind they aren’t for the faint of heart. However, I believe the video for the single Go DO from the album Go is a masterpiece of artistic vision in which theater, performance, and opera are combined to create an otherworldly experience as you watch and listen to this video.

59 Productions, who produced the operatic theatre inspired performances done for the Jónsi his new tour described it as:

“Band members arrive onstage in the gloom of night. Owls fly and wolves chase deer, leading us into the next song as floodlights reveal the remains of a ruined house cradled in the heart of a forest. And Jonsi himself, dressed all in white and wrapped in coloured rags, backlit by the perfectly timed footlights fanning out, flowerlike. Whistles and wolf call sound effects echo the effect of a gently decaying house, something warm and bright unfurling in your belly as you become more absorbed in the show.”

Jónsi – Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

MusicGlee and Madonna, but of course!

Return of Glee + Madonna + Sue Sylvester + the beauty of viral advertising = excellent viewing

Last night a promo video for Glee’s upcoming episode featuring a Madonna playlist was aired. Jane Lynch sings along to “Vogue,” making me want to grab the new Like a Prayer Gloves and dance around the warehouse circa 1990. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!!

MusicAnother Monday Music Must: Hot Chip

Time seems to be on the fly, and today is yet another Monday that you need music for! And what better band to feature than Hot Chip?

Here are two music videos for your listening pleasure. I picked these videos because they were both visually pleasing, while keeping the Hot Chip style and feel that their fans crave…  


First of all, listen away and enjoy One Life Stand

 And secondly, here is One Pure Thought (a gggrrreat song) from Hot Chip to keep you on your toes for the rest of this Monday!

MusicDay 2 of the Music Must List: Crystal Castles



Crystal Castles is the name of a Canadian duo who’ve graced the music scene by creating eclectic electric tunes and dance beats.

I highly recommend listening to them while doing anything that needs a little extra motivation. You’re feet will move to the rhythm and you’re heart will follow the beat!

Listen away and have fun!

Crystal Castle Crimewave
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MusicMust Have Music List Day 1: Passion Pit!

Every so often everyone gets the music blues and is in need of new music to entertain their day with. I recently struck out with my iTunes collection and emailed Kristin Knauff (our LA stylist and vintage buyer) about possibly sending me a list of music that she’d been listening to recently. To my surprise, I realized that I already had some of the albums she sent me but hadn’t listened to them in far too long!

I’m going to post some music every day this week from her list so you can join me in discovering or re-discovering these awetastic bands!

Here is Passion Pit and hopefully you’ll be as passionate about their pizzzzazzzz as I am! Passion Pit was formed in 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their debut EP was Pocket Change and their first full length album was Manners which was released in 2009.

The video below is Passion Pit’s The Reeling watch, listen, and have some fun with it!