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MusicAnimatronic love + Black Eyed Peas = ???

Lady Gaga nailed the robotic look in her Bad Romance video, with the help of Alexander McQueen of course, but now lets take a look at what the Black Eyed Peas attempted with the same style.

In their Imma Be Rockin That Body music video Fergie sports super futuristic cyber costumes that don’t quite cut it in my book. I personally think they look a little too contrived. However, I do kind of like the way the video is a made like a feature film, and I particularly enjoy the gigantic robots landing outside in the L.A. desert and attacking them.

My sister, who considers herself an expert at all things Gaga and robotic, said this about the video above:

“I’ve noticed a few things:

ONE: Lady Gaga’s animatronic style is more than infectious.

TWO: I can’t stand the way the Black Eyed Peas have turned the Gaga/McQueen influenced outfits into cheaper versions. I’ll take Lady Gaga any day over their new video Imma Be Rockin That Body.”

What do you think?

MusicAntimatronic LOVE Week!

Animatronic love stories have taken over the music scene. The recent music videos, inspired by the tale of robotic love in the 1927 film, Metropolis, have invaded the fashion scene as well as the musical one. This week we’ll see how some good and some bad (very bad) music and fashion have come from this inhuman trend!

I’m going to start this week of robotic fashion and music with the “Bad Romance” video by Lady Gaga. Fashion and science fiction have been married into a robotic fashion statement created by the ultimate king of fantasy, the late Alexander McQueen. I have to admit I actually enjoy this video, as well as McQueen’s haute couture shoes and costumes!

FashionSummer Festival Fashions

It’s that time again, ladies. My favorite season of the year is fast approaching: the season of the summer music festival.

Now music festivals are not only about seeing all your favorite bands in one place. Fashion has become a major staple of the festival scene in recent years. With the appearances of celebrities such as Chloe Sevigny and Drew Barrymore as well as fashion-forward models Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson, music festivals are becoming the it-place to be seen.

Not sure where the best festivals are at? Not to worry, most likely you can find a festival in your area. Bonnaroo is held in Tennessee, Coachella near Palm Springs, SXSW in the ever popular Austin, Texas, and Sasquatch in the north of Washington. If you are overseas, Glastonbury is the place to be.

Heading to Glastonbury? Wellies and cut-offs are a staple. Bonnaroo has more of a country style vibe, but wellies will also come in handy here, as it does get wet. Sasquatch is up in northern Washington so keep warm by layering key pieces. Coachella channels the LA style with floral dresses and big hats and boots.


Get ready for your festival days with some essential pieces. Romp around Bonnaroo in our Dellal Day Romper, cruise Coachella in the High Tide Maxi Dress by Insight, or even pair the Wild Wild West Top with the Levi’s 501 Cutoff Shorts in Gasoline for the perfect ensemble for any festival.


MusicFAVORITE FIX: Artist Vs Poet

We’ve just got news that the Texas pop punk band Artist Vs Poet has released a debut album appropriately named Favorite Fix. This band is one of the five featured bands for our new contest where you get to vote on which band you like the best!

Artist Vs Poet signed to Fearless Records a year after forming in 2007, releasing an acclaimed EP in November 2008. The band quickly captured the hearts of a fast-growing fan base. The Alternative Press named this young band one of their 100 Bands You Need to Know, while their video for “Runaway” won MTVU’s ‘Freshman 5′, and their songs were featured on MTV’s The Real World and Parental Control.

The band released their second EP Damn Rough Night while on tour with Forever The Sickest Kids and The Rocket Summer in December 2009. This youthful band has just announced west coast shows with This Providence before a whole summer on Vans Warped Tour!

MusicMiike Snow Song a Day Marathon Continues…

For a song today listen away to Silvia by Miike Snow. This is a haunting song and a good one for this rainy day in Northern California… hopefully it is a bit warmer or sunny wherever you are! But nevermind the weather, listen, watch, and have a great day!