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MusicBreathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina is an electronic pop/scream band formed in 2007 composed of Denver, Colorado natives David Schmitt and Kyle Even. The name Breathe Carolina came from a strange dream Schmitt had in 9th grade, about a woman named Carolina living his life. In 2009, the band announced that they had left Rise Records and signed with Fearless Records, began recording and finished their second alblum Hello Fascination.

If you enjoy dancing and listening to this genre of music I’m sure you’ll love Breathe Carolina’s new alblum Hello Fascination. Their awesome first single off the new alblum, Hello Fascination, is a very fast and upbeat song with catchy lyrics. Check it out and then vote for them on our contest!


MusicWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

This week I’m reviewing an old favorite, Lykke Li! I somehow managed to forget about this lovely Swedish siren until she recently popped back up on a playlist and I became, once again, enamored with her haunting voice.

For a great example of the slower and serious side of her music, I recommend that you listen first to Tonight (found below) and then to Lykke Li’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow that is available for free downloading on her site!

Lykke Li – Tonight from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

Then after she tears your heart out pick up your feet by dancing along with her in Little Bit!

MusicEvery Avenue!!!!

Fearless Records new music sensation to hit radio waves across America is a pop/punk/rock band from Michigan called Every Avenue. Their music resembles a mixture of Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco, and members include David Ray Strauchman (vocals and piano), Joshua Randall (guitar), Jimmie Deeghan (guitar, backup vocals), Matt Black (bass, backup vocals), and Dennis Wilson (drums).

Check out Every Avenue’s first single, “For Always, Forever”, from their latest album Picture Perfect. (Available in stores now!) I love love love this song, because it makes me want to stand up and jump around. Every Avenue brings a refreshing, energetic music sound that will make anyone listening want to get up and jump!

If you love them too, hop over to our contest page and vote for Every Avenue. You’ll be entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card from!

MusicMayday Parade

If you haven’t heard of Mayday Parade yet, you have definitely got to check them out! They are a pop punk band from Tallahassee, Florida. One thing that is really cool about this band is that they are so close and are willing to do anything for each other. With a group of five guys, they are always having fun, and never taking anything too seriously.


Their newest album, Anywhere But Here was released on October 6, 2009 and ever since they have been attracting new fans from all over the world. Mayday Parade is very versatile and relates to many listeners. Here they talk about one of the cool things about their album, “We were striving to make a record that meshed together really well and that was actually an album in the sense that all the songs sound different, but are working together toward a common theme.” They actually even had 50 songs to choose from while putting together the album and it was a hard choice to decide which ones to use. Some songs were easy to pick but others were more difficult because they each had different songs they loved. At the end they just ended up choosing the songs by voting on each. Looks like this method really worked because this album is a big hit and I love every song!

Check out their video for their song Anywhere But Here in their album Anywhere But Here


MusicSparks the Rescue

Not much comes to mind when thinking about the state of Maine except for their thousands of lakes… that is until now.

Sparks the Rescue is a 5-man pop/rock band ensemble from Portland, Maine. Their originality, high energy, and musical talent makes this band a force to reckon with.

Ten years in the making has evolved Sparks the Rescue, comprised of Alex Roy (vocals),Toby McAllister (guitar), Patrick O’Connell(guitar), Ben Briggs (bass) and Nathan Spencer (drums) from high school wannabes to rock stars. In 2009, MTV crowned them the official winner of the “I Want My Music On MTV! Competition!, and they are now are touring across the country on the VANS WARPED TOUR.

Their latest single “We Love Like Vampires” off of their “Eyes to the Sun” album has caught the attention of fans and vampire lovers everywhere. They have incorporated societies obsession/fad with vampires into a pop/rock love song.

I love their music video because it is unique, yet relatable, and I must say they do look good with fangs! 

 Check out Sparks the Rescue’s new music video “We Love Like Vampires”