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BeautyHot Man-icure: Ryan Gosling Nails from Rad Nails

If any of you are as obsessed with Ryan Gosling as we are, then you’re absotively posolutely going to swoon over these nail decals from Rad Nails. Not only do they have your favorite Hey Girl face, but they also feature the not-so-ugly mugs of Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, and Pharrell. Um, sign me up!

For only $18, you can get twenty in a pack, so there are enough to decorate your tootsies, too! You can choose from a clear wrap or a white wrap, so you can even create your own base if you feel so inclined.
Now, I know that you’ll be drooling over these pretty faces, but please remember they’re not edible. Sad, I know.
For more nail art or to buy your own set of delicious dudes, head on over to their website and shop! There are a ton of other great sets as well for all you manicure-minded missies!
(Images courtesy of Rad Nails.)

BeautyManicure Monday: Studded Nails with Syl and Sam

Hello! It’s Syl and Sam here again & we’re back with another #manicuremonday post for you to follow along with. We’re so excited to be participating in the LuLu*s Blog Stud Week  & we’re kicking things off with this cute and edgy manicure. This look is easy to achieve but takes a bit of patience!
Here’s the look we’re going for:

What you’ll need:
- A base colour
A top coat
- “microbeads” (they can be purchased from eBay or Michaels Craft Store)
- a toothpick
Start with a couple coats of your base colour. We used a coral-y pink and a slightly darker pink on our accent nail. Let each coat of your nail polish dry completely.

Now you’re going to work on one nail at a time. Take your top coat & put a generous layer on only ONE finger!

Working very quickly, dip your toothpick in a tiny amount of nail polish and then touch the tip of your toothpick to a single microbead.

The microbead should easily stick right to the end of your toothpick :)

Take your microbead and stick it right down onto your wet topcoat. It’ll stick wherever you touch it to your nail, so place it down carefully.

Continue placing beads one at a time in an alternating pattern onto your wet top coat!

Then repeat all of the above steps, doing one nail at a time.

Let the coat of polish dry completely with the microbeads on it & then top coat with a quick dry top coat & allow that to dry before doing anything with your hands ;)

And there you go! Cute studded nails that bring an edgy touch to the girliest of outfits! If you allow each coat to dry completely, the beads stay on quite well & mine lasted for over 5 days before any fell off.

Would you try out studded nails? Let us know what you think!
(photos by Syl & Sam)

BeautyManicure Monday: Caviar Nails with Syl and Sam

(Photo by Carrie Jade)
Hi there, we’re Sylvia and Samantha! We’re two Canadian sisters who are obsessed with fashion and all things DIY. On the internet people know us as Syl and Sam and we’ve run an online store called Lipgloss and Black for about 8 years now. We make clothes, reconstruct things, do our nails, cook & make tutorials of the things we think people will want to learn to DIY too. We grew up making the things we wanted & love to inspire others to do the same. If you’re a regular reader here, LuLu*s recently featured us in their Blogger Spotlight, and we’re so excited to now be guest blogging here with some nail tutorials!
So let’s get started with our first post… Here’s the look we’re going for:
(Photo from Ciaté)
What you’ll need:
-A base colour (we used black)
-A top coat
-”microbeads” (they can be purchased from eBay or Michaels Craft Store)
-a large bowl
We bought our microbeads from eBay & it was only a few dollars for a rainbow set! There is only enough of each colour to do one or two nails though, so we decided to do an accent nail instead of doing a full caviar manicure.
Start with a couple thin coats of your base colour. Make sure to let your nails dry completely between each coat of polish!
When your nails are dry, top coat a single nail with your clear top coat. Make sure to do only one nail at a time!
Holding your hand over your bowl, pour your microbeads over your wet nail.
If necessary, rotate your nail slightly while pouring to make sure that microbeads catch onto the entire nail! Then press them down gently with your finger to make sure they are set in the polish. Repeat with as many nails as you would like to cover :) No need to topcoat or anything.
And there you go! Let your nails dry completely so that they beads set & don’t get knocked off too quickly! The Ciaté Caviar Manicure is said to last about 48 hours. It’s true that after a few days, some of the beads close to the tip of your nails do start to fall off but most of the beads have lasted almost a week now! Is a caviar manicure something you would try out? Let us know what you think or if you try it, show us how yours turns out!
 (all photos by Syl & Sam unless otherwise indicated)


BeautySite to See: The Nail Pro

I saw these fabulous Gatsby nails on the Out of Print blog, and they made me smile, so in my search for more smiles, I found that this talented nail artiste, Lauren, has a whole Tumblr dedicated to her awesome nail masterpieces. It’s called The Nail Pro, and I couldn’t stop scrolling until I had seen every single tiny work of art.

Aaaaand, she does YouTube tutorials for many of the designs, so you can, theoretically, recreate many of these little gems yourself. Not all of the designs are cartoons and such either. She has plenty of ideas that actually look quite doable. Though, silly me, I’m just here to look at cartoons.

BeautyBeauty How-To: Reverse Tips Manicure

Ladies, it is time to flip things around! The Reverse French Manicure is an awesome trend that I have had my eyes on for quite some time. Recently, I was finally brave enough to try it and I am absolutely enthralled with this amazing nail trend.
What I love most about it is that you can mix and match colors and add a number of variations to keep your nails looking sassy and amazing without over-doing the trend.

 What You Need:
*Top Coat
*Base Coat
*Two Different Nail Colors
*Sheet of Computer Paper
 1. Apply a base coat on your nails
 2.  After base coat has dried, apply a layer of your first polish. Let dry.
 3. Tear off an end of the computer paper and use the straight edges as a stencil.
 4. Place it near your cuticle with some space reserved for you other polish to show.
 5. Paint your other polish on the end of your nail with the paper as your barrier. This provides for a neat and clean divider. I would suggest a dark color to cover the other polish completely on top.
 6. Once dry, apply a top coat. 

Feel free to use a glitter polish instead of another color to add some variation to your look. You can also choose where you paper divider lies if you wish to have something other than a straight border. 
Can you think of any awesome combinations for this nail trend?