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Kristin Knauff Reports from L.A.:



Kristen Knauff just sent us exclusive pictures from a pretty sweet sounding Paper Magazine event in Los Angeles. Paper Magazine is one of my personal favorite publications (ever since I got stuck in their elevator as an art student in NYC) and they seem to be throwing some of the coolest parties this year.

This event was a three-part series focused on bringing together emerging artists, art, musicians and students in an interactive experience. The WE LOVE ART party was catered towards making ongoing and interactive art installations focused on audience participation. A large studio was open for high school and college-aged students to get creative who attended the event.

Live music performances during this experiences included: Samuel Stewart, son of Eurythmic’s Dave Stewart and Bananarama’s Siobhan Fahey, and the CobraSnake, celebrated local DJ and event photographer. DJ Ana Calderon from the indie label Dim Mak set the mood. Popular DJs Skeet Skeet and TOKiMONSTA will be spinning and live performances by headliners Best Coast, and Dum Dum Girls kept people movin!

Girls were wearing their brights out to this event! Layered lace and lots of neon were a big fashion must-have for this party.

Artists in attendance included Karen Kimmel, Confetti System, Damion Silver, Scott Patt, Darren Romanelli, Telefantasy Studios… and many more…

One of the exhibitions was Karen Kimmel’s “Art of Exchange” stencil workshop; an ongoing series that encourages people of all ages to make their own creative mark. A dance class was taught by Ryan Heffington called Sweaty Sunday’s and included artists, photographers, fashion designers, and screenwriters wearing their best Lycra and bright pastel outfits for a dance-off to indie rock, techno, and 1980s new wave hits. Ryan Heffington is a choreographer, performance artist, and designer.

Featured throughout the course of the two days will be a series of 24 short films, created by Converse, that shine a light on unknown artists from around the globe. Sharing a common thread of passion for their work, the films show the artists at work, conveying personal stories that show their creative process and inspiration. Each film ends with a call to action that challenges the user to find their path to creativity.

FashionA SPRING Fling with Jason Wu!!

This spring, women around the world are having a fling with fashion designer Jason Wu. Watch the models walk the catwalk below, in his pieces which were created and sewn to fit each and every model!

Jason Wu‘s Spring 2010 Collection has inspired the masses to adorn lofty, draped, chiffon dresses everywhere and anywhere. For example (below), this wonderful style dress was first seen on the runway at the Jason Wu show, then on Zoe Saldana at the T Magazine Party on

And last, but certainly not least, we have the same style of adorable dress, otherwise known as the Conversation Hearts Dress sold out!], at!!


InterviewsNew Year’s Eve Plans!

The countdown to 2010 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to sip some bubbly, kiss our loved ones and ring in the New Year! Here’s what some of us at have planned:


(we asked her while being styled for our photo shoot!)

“I’m going to a party with my friends!!!”



“I will be celebrating the New Year in the Bahamas, with tropical refreshments, where I won’t have to wear any jackets or scarves!”




“I’m going to head down to San Francisco for a cocktail party. Then I’m going to Shotwell’s — this awesome beer and wine bar in the Mission District.”



“This New Year’s Eve is going to be special, because it’s my first year anniversary with my boyfriend. We’re going to dress really fancy and celebrate at the same party where we met last year.”




“I’m going to a cute 1950s style house in Squaw Valley to ski and celebrate with family and friends!”


Matt, Lindsey and KB can’t wait to.. “Go to Lake Tahoe!!!”

* Holiday Party!!


This year the holiday party was held at a local (and divine) family-run Italian restaurant! The event’s guests included all of the LuLu*s team members from our warehouse and the employees from LuLu*s boyfriend store, Trucker Deluxe.

Above (from left to right) is Katie in a head-to-toe outfit, and Lindsay in the Back to the Fuchsia Jumpsuit [sold out!] with one of our models, Serine!

Above, the lady in red is our customer service guru, Brittany!

And here let me introduce (above and below) our employee of the year, KELLEN!

More LuLu*s ladies and their gents!


 And from everyone at, we would like to wish all of our amazing customers a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!

FashionMix&Match with Kristin Knauff!

Kristin Knauff just sent me these cool trend pics… sooo here’s some cute outfit ideas to try out!

Here, above, are some good mix and matching ideas complete with sweeeeeet leggings, belts, and necklaces! These gals are fashion designers themselves and have a totally fun and creative look! Try out our sparkly leggings and Alternative Apparel tops for easy layering!

Next we have the ongoing distressed look! This time, instead of ripping and shredding, this person actually shot through their tee with a bee bee gun! Biker jackets are hanging in strong and paired with plaid or a distressed tee, like above, you can own the “biker chic” look!

Remember to put a statement necklace with everything… these girls are all wearing necklaces, so make sure, sure, sure, you check out our huge selection of necklaces!!