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ArtDeep Sea Gallery by Andreas Franke

If you’d like to see Austrian photographer Andreas Franke‘s latest exhibit, you’re going to need to invest in some new equipment, because the Stavronikita Project: The Life Above Refined Below, is quite far below, indeed. Images of Rococo decadence are set amongst the decaying wreckage of the SS Stavronikita, and the only place you can see it is 80 ft below the surface of the ocean, off the coast of Barbados, aboard the shipwreck itself. As you might imagine, the gallery is set up with a little help from plexiglass, silicone, a steel frame, and super strong magnets. So, scuba fans, grab your gear, because you can still catch it through April 2013!

(Images courtesy of My Modern Met)

FashionCure for the Winter Blues: Barbara Fialho for Elle Mexico January 2013

Back to our new series to keep your seasonal blahs to a minimum, we have this weeks Cure for the Winter Blues! Check out the beautiful Barbara Fialho in Elle Mexico‘s January 2013 issue! The colors are juicy and bright and the whole thing reminds me of a summer vacation in Spain! This shoot gave me a few moments of summer bliss, then I walked outside and had to de-ice my windshield.  Ah well, ’til next time! Keep fighting those winter blues! xx

(images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rouge)

FashionCure for the Winter Blues: Annabella Barber for Harper’s Bazaar Australia December 2012

As I may have mentioned before, winter is not my thing. I long for the hot and sunny summer months where days are long and there is a dreamy sense of youth in the air.  Alas,  seasons are not affected by my wishes. In order to keep our heads up and spirits bright through all the cold months, we have decided to start a new series for this season, Cures for the Winter Blues! For our first post I wanted to share a cool-blue, ocean photo shoot from Harper’s Bazaar Australia. This sun-drenched shoot full of sparkling waters and gorgeous clothing is starring model Annabella Barber and was shot by photographer Simon Lekias.

Feeling cold and tired? Get energized by these gorgeously bright and sunny photos below!

(images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rouge)

FashionReina Van der Goot and Elsa F for Marie Claire Turkey

“Wood Nymph” in the December issue of Marie Clare Turkey, features models Reina Van der Goot and Elsa F sharing a whimsical day in the woods with three special friends. Shot by Ayten Alpun, and styled by Hakan Öztürk.

(Images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue)

CelebrityPenelope Cruz for Campari’s 2013 Calendar

Penelope Cruz is radiant (as always) in red for this gorgeous calendar shoot for Italian alcohol brand Campari, shot by photographer Kristian Schuller. The “Kiss Superstition Goodbye” theme places Ms. Cruz in various “unlucky” positions, laughing in the face of fable as she kneels down to say “hello” to a clowder of black cats, or tip-toes along a crack in the pavement. All the while she manages to spill not a drop of her cocktail. Now that’s a lady.

Scroll through for more of this splendid spread, and check out Fashion Gone Rogue for the full collection of photos.

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