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InterviewsHigh Spirits: The Photography of Brooke Shaden


Ever wonder what it’s like to be an artist?
Today we have a behind-the-scenes interview with a fashionable artist:  Brooke Shaden!
1. So, you were raised in PA, what brought you to LA?
I graduated from college in Philadelphia in December 2008 and decided then to pick up my still camera. I went about creating self portraits, and soon after moved to Los Angeles to pursue film making. It wasn’t long after the move that I decided to do photography instead of film making, and have been living in LA ever since creating art!

2. Where do you get inspiration for some of the looks in your photos?

I am constantly inspired by timeless wardrobes. I love something that looks like it could be from any time period and helps to tell a story. I am inspired by long flowing gowns and the way that wind catches in fabric.

3. What’s your favorite time period?
I love the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood of painters, they inspire me so much!

4. Do you have an amazing dress and prop collection?
I like to think so! Though, admittedly, I have ruined most of them by dragging them through the mud or slopping them around in creeks. I have probably 20 or so dresses that I use on photo shoots and take with me to workshops, all of various styles but all of them timeless as well. 

5. What is your fascination with water?
Aside from my name being Brooke . . . I am fascinated with the way that water is a foreign element for the most part. We as humans are not naturally water creatures, and so water seems to be a place where a new world can easily be formed. I like how fluid it is, the way that it can softly pour over skin and hide body parts that are in the water. It has so many meanings associated with it, like life and death.

6. How long does it take you to prepare for a shoot?
I spend at least a few hours per photo conceptualizing and planning all of the details. I always know what I am going to shoot before I pick up my camera, so half of my entire process is spent planning while the shooting takes about 10 minutes.

7. What do you splurge on for your photo shoots?
Usually my big splurges come from props! I recently purchased a giant octopus for a photo, something that I had been wanting for a very long time but never had the guts to buy. I will splurge on a dress if I think it can be versatile enough, too.

8. One thing that is very unique about your photography is that you use solely a square format. Why the square?

To me, the square format allows for the viewer to see into a whole new world instead of a photograph. Suddenly the traditional photographic frame is gone, and instead of focusing on the medium the concept can shine through even brighter.

9. You also have a background in film and English, do you still write or film?
I have not yet jumped back into film, but I know that I will someday. I don’t feel that it is right quite yet because I don’t have the means to properly translate my ideas. I am infatuated with photography still, but I am sure that sometime, maybe soon, I will get the itch to make my images move. As for writing, I keep my blog updated very regularly with essays and musings. I love writing about photography and philosophies on photography. I am also writing a book which I hope to publish in 2012 all about inspiration and creating new worlds.

10. Tell us about your upcoming workshop in New York.
My workshops for the fall are numerous, as I will be teaching in New York, Los Angeles, Florida and Texas. The New York workshop is an 8 hour day full of hands on shooting and editing a levitation photograph. Each workshopper leaves with their own creation from the day. I go through my process, start to finish, on how to shoot and edit a levitation image. I teach how to make people fly!
Learn more about Brooke Shaden at her website and blog.

ArtSparks Fly: the Artwork of Ignacio Torres

A brief statement from the artist: “This project began from the theory that humans are made of cosmic matter as a result of a stars death”.
See more of the work by Ignacio Torres here!

ArtLucia Pang: Beautiful Fashion Photography

When I received an email from a young Australian named Lucia Pang, I immediately became so excited to collaborate with her. At only 17, Lucia has a rare talent for fashion photography with so many amazing images to get inspired from! I wanted to introduce you all to her site and let you know that we will be collaborating with Lucia in some exciting projects in the near future! This award winning young photographer will definitely be one to watch and we are so honored to be working with her! Make sure to check out some of her awesome shots below and to check back for updates on our project!

InterviewsThe Photography of Bunny Jenny

You know that feeling when you first discover some hidden talent in the world? It’s sort of like falling in love.
Elated by my new favorite photographer, Jenny Woods (a.k.a Bunny Jenny) I am pleased to share her with you in this inspiring interview.
But first, please indulge!
First of all, your website says you’re only 18. Is that true?
I sure am! I’m just a baby still.

Where is your home base, and do you travel a lot?

I live in a small town entirely made up of sugar cane. I prefer the country to big cities, at the moment. It keeps me inspired and my own. I feel like bigger cities are so fast paced and you can lose yourself if you’re not careful. My town keeps me sane when it comes to art. I don’t do a lot of traveling outside of South Florida. I hope to one day though.

Do you remember your first camera?

My first camera was a Olympus film camera. I got it for my 16th birthday. The sad part is that I just recently started using it a couple months ago. It’s amazing to shoot with. I absolutely love film.

Where do you get some of the concepts for your photo shoots, like “A horse with no name” where did that idea come from?
I keep a journal with me at all times and I jot down whatever comes in my mind. I get really inspired by music and old black and white movies. I had the idea when passing a horse pasture; I thought combining a woman’s delicate body with a horse’s would be mind blowing. They’re both so beautiful and soft. I wanted the model to feel as if she was a part of that horse; to be one with it.

What do you look for in a model?
I don’t really look for anything specific when looking for a model. I just try to look for one that matches each idea perfectly. They’re all just really playing a part when being photographed. I like to tell my models a story before shooting and I tell them to play that story in their mind while shooting. It makes the photos feel more natural and real, than just a pose. I try to bring stiff bones to life.

How long does it take you to prepare for a shoot?
I’m VERY controlling when it comes to my shoots. I don’t like using stylists or make up artists, unless absolutely necessary. It takes me a couple months to plan out one idea. But that’s also depending on how difficult the idea would be to create. In my mind, you never stop planning a shoot.. even after the shoot is over with. You always come up with new ideas or things you should have tried; it eventually evolves into a new photo shoot.

Is there anything you splurge on for your photo shoots?

Oh geeze.. haha, I buy all of my own props/clothes/camera equipment for shoots! That’s where all of my paycheck goes. I don’t remember the last time I bought something for myself. My mom gets so mad at me, too, because I don’t get paid for any of my photo shoots. She doesn’t understand though. I don’t like shooting for money… I feel like you lose your passion for something once you start getting paid to do it. You stop doing it for yourself and forget the reason why you loved it, in the first place. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept money for taking pictures.. It doesn’t seem right to me. I have rates up on my Model Mayhem site right now, but I don’t ever see myself actually telling someone to pay me, ya know?
A lot of your photography is very fashion oriented; are there any current fashion trends that you’re into?
I’m digging florals! Haha, I love color and flowers; they make me in such a good mood!
How did you come to be known as Bunny Jenny?
It was a nickname in high school! My best friend used to call me her “little bunny” and I guess it just stuck? I don’t think anyone calls me by my real name, actually. I like to think of it as my alter ego; you know, the artistic me. I’ve thought about changing it and just using my real name, but I love it too much. ‘Bunny Jenny’ will always be part of me. It’s who I am.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
“You only have one person to make happy in life: yourself.”

If you just fell in love with Bunny Jenny, like I did, see more on her website!

FashionJames Franco Shoots Agyness Deyn for Elle July 2011

Sometimes, you just see a set of photos that knocks you straight out of your chair. This shoot by James Franco, starring the beautifully androgynous Agyness Deyn, did exactly that. Casually browsing the internet, I came across this gender-bending shoot inspired by James Franco’s catalyst to stardom, James Dean. Capturing a timeless beauty, Franco’s photography is moody and rich in contrast. Always a fan of model Agyness Deyn, I love how these images celebrate her bone structure and stunning presence. Actor, model, filmaker…photographer? What other suprises does James Franco have up his sleeve!? Make sure to pick up July’s issue of Elle for the hard copy of this amazing artwork. I’m literally going to the store now!! Take a look below for the highlights.





 A great shot of the photographer himself, in a pretty awesome outfit, I must say!

What do you think of this shoot? Can Franco make it behind the camera, or should he stick to acting?