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FashionBlogger Spotlight: Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

 You may already be familiar with this well-known blogging wonder. If not, let me take a moment to introduce you to one of my all- time favorite fashion bloggers. This is Rebecca of The Clothes HorseThis girl has made adorable dresses and tights with  perfectly polished nails and fiery hair her trademark look.  She always looks cute and comfy. When people are true to their individual aesthetic they always seem to stand out while looking at ease and that is the marker of true style.

Rebecca is the master of capturing the beauty of the outdoors. Whether on a rocky, seaside cliff or perched in a tree she makes it work and look easy!  She always manages to get dynamic shots all by herself with just a tripod!


Rebecca blogs about traveling, art, fashion and much more. Throughout the years of reading her blog I have seen the beauty of many countries she visited all thanks to her artistic eye. One of my favorite features on her blog are the “Picture An Hour” series. Throughout the day she will snap a picture of a sometimes unexpected moment each hour to create a visual diary of a her day. So fun! Another one of my favorite features is “Detail of the Week”. Rebecca picks out an item that stands out and is special to her. I love reading about the fun pieces my favorite bloggers pick up. It gives me inspiration to add statement pieces into my own waredrobe!



Make sure to check out her blog, you will definitely be delighted by how much creative imagery and attention are put into it. 

ArtBeauty Captured with Steep Street

Need some cheer to brighten up your Monday? Don’t worry because I have some eye candy for you! Time for another round of my blog favorites! Meet Kelty, the artistic genius behind Steep Street, her site showcasing her multitude of talents! This “Jill-of-all trades” has many tricks up her sleeve including amazing photography, web design as well as printed goodies like books and stationary. She has many brilliantly shot photos including weddings, couples, portraits and famillies. While all her beautiful shots are breathtaking, my favorite are a weekly series called T.G.I.H. These are fun and fancy photoshoots where Kelty and her twin sister, Hannah, get together to create to perfect shots.

Hannah’s fiery, red hair and porcelain skin add the perfect edge to every photo while Kelty’s talented eye frames each photo brilliantly. Hannah is a chameleon of sorts and is able to play so many different, magical characters.


Make sure to check out this site! You can enjoy some beautiful imagery and appreciate the talent of the lovely Kelty! Also, make sure to visit her Etsy shop for some handmade goodies.  Next time you are in need of an amazing photographer in the Boston area, this is your girl!

photos from

ArtFun with Fuji!

When Polaroid announced that they were discontinuing their instant photography line, I was devastated. Along with styling, photography has been one of my biggest passions, and Polaroid Instant Film had a huge influence on my becoming a budding photographer. I soon began my search for my Polaroid’s replacement. It was around this time last year I found what I lovingly call my Fuji-roid.



18 pt
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Fuji-roid is actually an Instax Mini 7S Instant Film Camera by Fujifilm. This adorable camera takes cute, little credit card sized photos and, unlike Polaroid, comes with exposure control settings to create the perfect photo! Here are a few of my mini masterpieces:



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Although, with the help of Lady Gaga, Polaroid is now making instant film again, but I am going to stick with my Fuji-roid. You can purchase your own over at B&H photography.
Now I leave you ladies with one question: which do you prefer: Fuji or Polaroid?

ArtThe Last Giant Polaroids!

 A good friend of mine (who I’ve blogged about multiple times), an Italian fashion expert and innovative photographer has recently gotten his fingers on one of the last remaining giant Polaroid cameras AND some of the last remaining film! 

Alberto Zanetti used 5 of the remaining 100 pieces of the 50×60 cm (20×24″) film on one of the 2 remaining giant Polaroid cameras in the world. There is one giant Polaroid camera in Milan and one in New York. 

It was Ermanno Lazzarin of the menswear boutique Eral 55 in Milan, Italy who directed and commissioned Alberto in this amazing project. 

The above photo is one of the photos taken of the new collection using the giant Polaroid camera with the giant Polaroid film. This film develops instantly just like a Polaroid but with extreme clarity. 

Here is Alberto covered by the gigantic Polaroid camera about to take a picture. And below they peel away the emulsion to reveal the beautiful photo of the stylish elephant man!

 I love the look and feel of these outfits as well as the giant animal masks covering the face of the mode. Too often, the face of the model takes over an image and the clothes come second. 

Eral 55 is a boutique with a mission to create fashion for men without conforming to any rules. The store personalizes every piece of clothing so that every person has a unique shopping experience. Craftsmanship is the focal point of every item including the furnishings of the store itself. This boutique combines the best of modern design with a timeless vintage twist and a vivid imagination to create a world of fashion fantasy for its customers. 

 These photos were exhibited in Florence on June 15-17 at the world renowned JK Place


MusicAlexander McQueen’s Noble Farewell in Vogue

I had recently begun to feel quite bad about my neglect of Alexander McQueen’s last collection on our blog. However, I will explain in my defense that I was awaiting a debut of photos in honor of McQueen’s departure by one of the grand photographers of fashion. And alas the wait was rewarded with a feature by Annie Leibovitz on McQueen’s last collection for the “Nobel Farewell” in this month’s Vogue. 

The models are stepping out of or into their awaiting crates sealing them in McQueen’s brilliance for eternity. Although reminiscent of coffins, these crates do however, give the garments a sense of timelessness backed by their extreme beauty.

 Here are some of the looks from the presentation just weeks after McQueen’s death. It was haunting of his handiwork and brilliant craftsmanship and attention to detail. The sculptural quality from his previous show is still looming but with an added draping in the above capelet that is phenomenal.

I’m still shocked that we won’t have the original McQueen anymore. But I am impressed with the execution and presentation of his last collection by his team even after his devastating death. Sarah Burton will take over as creative director. Burton who was McQueen’s right hand woman and had overseen the womenswear since 2000 will most certainly keep McQueen’s legacy alive.