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CelebrityLady Gaga: A Look Back on 2011

With the New Year close at hand, I thought we’d take a look back on 2011 using one of the most common motifs to orbit the sun: the mug of Lady Gaga.
From Vogue to Vanity Fair, Bazaar to Visionaire, the honorable Lady Gaga managed to grace a whopping 36 magazine covers in 2011. With her shocking facial prosthetics and bold antics (like claiming they were real) there seemed to be no one we would have rather seen staring us down in the grocery aisle, or rolled up in our dimly lit mailboxes. But I ask you, do you think you saw all 36?


For the grand finale this 7 foot tall copy of Visionaire, with a limited print of 2500 copies, sums up the impact of Gaga-Mania; larger than life indeed. 

ArtThe Photography of Annie Leibovitz

You’ve all seen the work of Annie Leibovitz, whether you knew it or not. 
One of the most prolific and well-known photographers of our time, Leibovitz shoots regularly for Vogue, and has been working for Vanity Fair since 1980 creating only the most exciting and richly developed covers and spreads!
As a young woman in Berkeley in the 70′s, Leibovitz signed on to work for the budding Rolling Stone magazine, and within three years graduated to chief photographer.
annie leibovitz
Going on tour with The Rolling Stones or to an interview with John Lennon to take pictures and cover shots was commonplace, and Leibovitz grew into a style all her own. See below an early picture of the infamous dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov.
annie leibovitz
The most amazing thing about the work of Annie Leibovitz is that she has an uncanny talent for telling you something intimate about someone.
Beyond just a simple snapshot, Leibovitz would study her subjects for hours or days in order to get a shot that was honest and revealing.
Look at this perfect shot of Cate Blanchett on a bicycle. The lighting, the way her hair is blowing and the expression on her face all come together for that split second!
Part of an Alice in Wonderland shoot for Vogue.
Look at all of these Hollywood starlets in one room! It’s no accident that we see a sort of backstage scene exposing the rolling Hollywood hills and perhaps, a window into a little part of these women’s lives that we don’t ever see.
Part of an amazing retrospective photo shoot of Johnny Depp for Vanity Fair, many of the pics taken by Leibovitz herself!
Total eye candy!
An elaborate Vogue take on The Wizard of Oz featuring Keira Knightley, the Penn State Marching Band and artist Kara Walker!
. . . and who could forget this fantastic shoot with Lady Gaga and Lily Cole in a Hansel and Gretel-inspired scene.
Photos by Annie Leibovitz