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BeautyThe Perfect Cat Eyeliner

Watching too many episodes of Mad Men has got me going retro, not only with the growing collection of vintage dresses and skirts in my closet, but with my beauty routine as well. Suddenly, I’m looking into modern-day spins on the beehive (blog post to come), bold red lips, and now, black-lined cat eyes.

The trick to the perfect cat eye is a steady hand, which many, like myself, lack when it comes to precision. So, practice a couple of times and have plenty of Q-tips and makeup remover nearby if you mess up.

Also, invest in a good quality eyeliner. There are many different forms to choose from, including liquid, pen and gel. If you’re first starting out, I’d opt for an easy-to-use pen, such as MAC’s Penultimate Eyeliner. After a couple weeks, you’ll feel more comfortable with gel and liquid and the intense pigment that they offer.

To start off your cat eye, make a flick (however long or short you want) from the outer corner of your eye and angling up. With your pen or brush, start from the inner most corner of your eye and carefully draw out and up to that flick, making the line thicker as you go.

For a visual demonstration, click the tutorial below brought to you by the lovely Sarah Victor for expert guidance (and subscribe to her channel already!)

With a few tries, you’ll be the cat’s MEOW!

BeautyYour Online Beautician: Sarah Victor

If any YouTube make up artist takes the cake, it’s Sarah Victor, your new best friend when it comes to creating that perfect make up look.

For a woman in just her early twenties, Sarah has made quite a name for herself on YouTube where she now has quite a loyal fan base of those addicted to her amazing tutorials. After years of studying graphic design, Sarah decided make up was what truly captured her heart, and she began making it her business. In addition to creating looks on her YouTube Channel, Sarah also does freelance work in the New England area, preparing brides for their big day or girls for prom night.

Sarah was the first make up artist I discovered on YouTube, and her videos continue to impress me. My favorite? Her sweet and simple Spring/Summer 2009 Make Up Trend Tutorial. I love the perfect cat eyes and pink lips. Sarah also offers more dramatic looks, such as the Arabic Make Up look pictured above. You can even create a scary but ultra sexy look this Halloween with her Zipper Eyes Tutorial.

You just can’t go wrong with Sarah’s tutorials. Even if you’re not all that into makeup, you’ll feel as if you’ve made a new best friend. With her wise cracking jokes and bubbly personality, Sarah not only has talent, but the spunk to go with it!

Subscribe to her channel today! View her Beauty by Sarah Blog to view her portfolio of work.