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CelebrityLaurie’s Loves: Happy Birthday Sarah Jessica Parker!

Happy Birthday SJP!
In celebration of Sarah Jessica Parker turning 46 today, I decided we needed to pay a little homage to some of her fabulous Carrie Bradshaw outfits over the years. That girl really knew how to rock a dress and a killer pair of shoes, and boy do I wish I had her closet. Luckily for me, I’ve discovered that LuLu*s might just be able to help me recreate some of her more iconic looks over the years. Maybe these options below will help us walk a few steps in this fashionista’s (really awesome) shoes.
How can anyone forget this legendary look?


Up for a tropical vacation? Or a shopping spree in New York? I wish!



Classy with a flair. That’s Carrie to a T!


Alright girls, it’s your turn. What are your favorite Carrie looks? Do you rock a little SJP in your daily outfits?

NewsSex and the City Update: Aidan or Mr.Big?

Sex and the City fans everywhere are no doubt greatly anticipating the release of the second movie later this month. If I wasn’t excited by the first trailer, the newest ones have me floored.
Upon seeing Carrie’s past love interest, Aidan Shaw, added to the mix, I quickly cried to my roommate, “What are they doing to me?”
A lover of the good guy with no tricks up his sleeve, I was a big Aidan fan and disappointed to see him go. Bringing him back now would just be toying with my heart.
That’s when I wondered what other fans thought. Were there any second thoughts in regards to losing Aidan, or was Mr. Big the right choice? 

I took a quick poll of fellow LuLu*s workers who watched the show, asking if they’d choose Mr. Big or Aidan for Carrie’s soul mate. Outcome: Mr. Big won by two votes.

While many of us would have picked Aidan ourselves, there was a general agreement that he wasn’t right for Carrie. Now, that I can understand.
Now it’s your turn: Who would you choose? And please, no spoilers!
(Photo above by Annie Leibovitz. Watch the trailer here!)

NewsTime to Get Carried Away

I don’t know about you, but I’m already excited to see the new Sex and the City movie due to come out this May!

I thought the first movie did a great job at keeping the story of the show alive without making things way too dramatic or over the top. The core of friendships and relationships was explored in a meaningful way. I’m interested to see what happens in the sequel. The girls are pretty much settled down (except for Samantha, of course), but it looks like it’s going to be quite the adventure.

When I saw the first movie in theaters, the place was packed, and I swore I heard the popping open of a champagne bottle somewhere in back. This tells me diehard fans will make a celebration out of the release for sure! 

So I got a little “Carried away” myself and named this cute little Hello Lover Top after one of our favorite fashionistas.

FashionPink Paradisiac

Escapism is taking form in the colors of clothes!

With pink on the runway more and more often its being seen more and more on the streets.

In the most fashionable Soho in New York City two adorable young women were caught on the street in pink at a casting for Sex and the City 2 in New York City. In sunglasses fit for a star, they waited in line to see if they could “make it big”.

On the left, this girl wears one of the ever-so popular jumpsuits. The pink jersey hangs and drapes beautifully in this loose fitting jumpsuit. For summer time there is nothing better than a loose fit lightweight and soft-to-the-touch garment. The woman on the right is wearing a loose fitting silk print dress with an adorable belt around the waist. Both balance on heels at heights unknown!

Accessorize like a star and dress to impress: