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FashionMILAN & Menswear!!

This week, Megan from Milan has given us ladies a trend report on menswear. Menswear should be very important to any fashionista, because it will ultimately influence her clothes as well! Detailing in menswear is often used to inspire women’s clothing, especially as the tomboy look is becoming more and more popular. So here is what Megan has to say about menswear after watching and following the latest fashion shows in Milan!!

Reporting from Milano!

This is for all you girls who dress their guys. Here are some trends that I’ve picked up on during men’s fashion week in Milan:


Maybe it was the economic “crisis” that gave men the need to look tidy for all of those job interviews they have to go on now? Or the sudden surge of military styled clothes could just be the very fact that we are living in a warring generation. So why not embrace the silhouette of the uniform? 


This season there has been a particular focus on the skiing/snowboarding look, which was not only popular here in Italy, but also in Norway. I picked up on this growing trend when I was visiting Norway not long ago. The difference being that Norway had this wonderful BRIGHT color trend! This was so happy and uplifting for menswear, which tends to drown in neutrals and dark colors. 

A “Softer Look” for your guy!

The fabrics here are drifting from the usual and traditional. More and more funky knits are being used to create classic pieces. This gives your guy a more at ease look.

I find all 3 to be totally different looks, but all great trends to embrace because they symbolize power and strength with a fresh new take! And who doesn’t want their guy to display that?

Baci e abbracci!
<3 MJ

FashionFunny Granny Pictures and Fashion Design?

This week, I was perusing blogs and websites about fashion, design, art, and all things I love, when I happened upon a blog by a young woman named Charlotte Taylor. I found out that Charlotte is an up-and-coming fashion designer who is spunky, bright, and brimming with an optimism that is hard to find in the fashion industry right now.

Charlotte’s blog documents the process of starting her own line. I thought this was genius. It shows such a down-to-earth and human side of fashion that you can really relate to. This was very refreshing when compared to the normal snobbery of the fashion world that attempts to work as far away and as secretly as possible.

Charlotte went to Central Saint Martins, which is a fashion design school that most of the students at Pratt (the design school I attended in NYC) idolized. I was interested in her experience at design school and after design school, so I asked her if she would do an interview and explain some of her experiences of being and becoming a fashion designer with all of the lovely fans!

So here is the interview and some pics of her design process. Check it out!

Here is a picture of one of her mood boards that has some of the images that have inspired her line!

How did you get into fashion design?

I have always been artistic. I spent my weekends painting the Lake District, where I grew up, in watercolor. (Could I be more twee?!) I initially wanted to be an architect but changed my mind in my late teens. I am definitely a designer, as opposed to a “fashionista.” I love being creative and experimenting. I’m also one for pushing and challenging myself; I think it comes from having an older brother. If I didn’t keep up, I got left out!

What was fashion design like at Central Saint Martins?

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy it for the fist few years, and I nearly left on a number of occasions for a number of reasons. However, I did a sandwich course, and in that I mainly worked with Marcus Constable, who was brilliant and taught me so much. I owe a lot to him. When I returned to college for my final year, we had a new tutor who was super enthusiastic and really pushed the course and the system. I loved every minute of that year and have really fond memories. We were like a family and would take it in turns to bring each other treats to keep us going.

What are the things that really get you worked up and going when it comes to your work? Is it the drawing, production, fabrications, etc.?

Hmm, all of it, really. It is the most satisfying thing, looking back at an inspiration board with finished garments in your hand, picking out where all the details, fabrics, pleats, etc. came from. I find the whole process totally exhilarating. Even being creative with marketing and PR is exciting. I am totally in love with what I do. It gives me such a buzz.

Who are some designers that have influenced you the most? Or any artists that have had an impact on the way that you see/approach design?

Jenny Saville influenced me a lot in my early days (about 15 years old). She paints overweight ladies in a “no frills” manner. She shows people, warts and all, and accentuates the bad parts more than the good. I love her paintings, although some of them are truly grotesque. It really got me started on “ugly beauty.” I then moved on to beauty in age, decay, etc. and am still today influenced greatly by all these things. I wouldn’t say that I am influenced by designers as such; it is more everyday life.

What are some of your favorite trends or fashion movements?

I love the mods. I have a lot of respect for punks too. It was revolutionary. To be a punk, you have to sacrifice a normal existence to some extent. It’s a life change. I’m also a closet 80′s fan, mainly because most of it makes me laugh a lot. The film Working Girl is one of my favorites. White socks and trainers over 10 denier tights with a mini skirt and a perm that would put any poodle to shame … you’ve got to give that girl credit.

For your upcoming debut, what is the concept/inspiration for the collection? Or how did grannies start to inspire you? What details/attributes to little old ladies are you implementing in your designs?

The collection is inspired by trashy grannies, penguins and the eccentric within. I take aspects from all of these. Colour, shape, fabric, story, etc. The clothes do not look like they have been swiped from a granny’s back; they just have hints of it.

And what are some of your hopes and dreams for where your ideal landing place would be with your line and business?

I aim to sell to small boutiques in the UK and online, starting small to build up good relationships with retailers and make sure that all deadlines and targets are met. There is nothing worse than a designer getting too big for their boots at the beginning, falling flat on their face and then looking like a fool the next season when they end up with half the budget and rubbish collection/lookbook etc. People don’t forget that. Fashion is all about image and the publics’ perception of a brand. If people like the brand’s image and the “Charlotte Taylor girl,” they will buy the product. Marc Jacobs is exemplary at this.

Any other hobbies/interests that you have?

When I’m not in the studio I’m doing sport of some kind. I’m big into my watersports and have been wakeboarding and skurfing all summer. I am learning to surf too. I also did a half triathlon last year and am doing a half marathon in March with my bro. We intend to do a full triathlon by the end of the year. I would love to run the New York Marathon as well. I am a massive skiing fan too.

InterviewsNew Year’s Eve Plans!

The countdown to 2010 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to sip some bubbly, kiss our loved ones and ring in the New Year! Here’s what some of us at have planned:


(we asked her while being styled for our photo shoot!)

“I’m going to a party with my friends!!!”



“I will be celebrating the New Year in the Bahamas, with tropical refreshments, where I won’t have to wear any jackets or scarves!”




“I’m going to head down to San Francisco for a cocktail party. Then I’m going to Shotwell’s — this awesome beer and wine bar in the Mission District.”



“This New Year’s Eve is going to be special, because it’s my first year anniversary with my boyfriend. We’re going to dress really fancy and celebrate at the same party where we met last year.”




“I’m going to a cute 1950s style house in Squaw Valley to ski and celebrate with family and friends!”


Matt, Lindsey and KB can’t wait to.. “Go to Lake Tahoe!!!”


InterviewsAn Interview With a Nikita Model and Free Goodie Bags!


This week I got to do an interview with another Nikita boarder, Gabrielle Maiden!

How did you get into snowboarding?

Started off skiing, saw how much fun snowboarding was, then shortly after I traded in my skis for a board. It was a hobby that turned into something way more amazing.

When did you first realize that it was your “thing”?

I guess I realized it after the first couple days I was learning. I wanted to keep riding, better my skills and explore the awesome sport.

Where did you grow up? Where is your favorite place to board?

I grew up in Southern California, mostly in Woodland Hills, Topanga Canyon and Marina Del Rey. Big Bear Lake is my home mountain and will always be my favorite place to ride. Brighton in Utah is also a favorite of mine.

(Photos by Nick Lipton)

Where are your favorite places to travel or your favorite place that you have been to?

My favorite places to travel are Iceland, Japan and being back home with my family. Favorite places I have been to are Iceland, Japan, New Orleans, Berlin and Barcelona.

What are some of your other hobbies? What kind of music do you listen to?

I like to watch movies, read, and paint, draw on restaurant napkins, act, model, play sports, skateboard and so much more. I like to listen to a wide variety of music. Such as, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Devendra Banhart, Devotchka, Velvet Underground, Hendrix, The Beatles, Billie Holiday, my dads music; Rufus and Chaka Khan, Sly and Family Stone. The list is endless.

What gets you pumped up?

All the little things get me pumped … string cheese, applesauce, or even seeing an old friend randomly at the grocery store. It doesn’t take much to get me excited, or happy.

What is one of your best boarding experiences?

Riding every day with all my friends is a freshly new and fun boarding experience.

How did you get into Nikita clothing? How would you describe your style or what you look for in clothes?

I started riding/modeling for them since I was 18 and its been a perfect match ever since. My style is I guess a retro mix of funky. It depends on my mood, but mostly, my style is from the 60’s and 70’s persuasion. I grew up with many musical influences. I just appreciate and prefer the classics.

I shop in thrift stores a lot, reason being, because I don’t like walking down the street and someone saying, “oh I have that shirt in blue!” I’d rather have what no one else has and something that’s of special value, so people would be more like, “Whoa, where did you get that outfit?” instead.

Soooo in the vein of LOVING NIKITA they have sent us “Gift With Purchase Bags” (goodie bags) for every Nikita sale! That means, lovely ladies, that every time you buy a Nikita product from LuLu*s you will receive a FREE goodie bag! Woop Woop! We only have so many of them so you MUST get them while we still have them!

A few Nikita suggestions for this year’s winter weather! From left to right: Afternoon Coat, Fandango Hoodie, Faithful Sweater and  Footloose Hoodie [sold out!].

InterviewsPeep Show: Madison Blackley for Nikita

When I was still in design school, I played soccer with a girl who designed action sports clothing for women and men, mostly for snowboarding and BMX. She was always wearing the coolest printed tees and hoodies, and when I asked her where she got them, she introduced me to this awesome company called Nikita.

Nikita is a girls clothing line made especially for the girl who will ride down any mountain, no matter how steep. Since just started carrying some Nikita hoodies (the Fandango Hoodie [sold out!] and the Faithful Sweater [sold out!]), I was given a totally awesome opportunity to get in contact with one of the sponsored snowboarders from the Nikita website, Madison Blackley!

How did you get into boarding?

MB: Well, growing up in Park City, there really was not much to do in the winter but ski. I started skiing when I was about 3, and when the resorts opened up to snowboarding, I thought I would hop on that train and see what it was all about. My dad started snowboarding way before people knew what it was, so I already thought it was pretty sick.

What are your favorite memories of boarding?

MB: The best time snowboarding for me was in 8th grade. I was 13, and in Park City all schools have half-days on Fridays, so me and basically every other kid in PC would head up there and shred and ride pipe till it closed at 9:00 p.m. A hundred of your best friends all chillin’ on the hill … oh, the days of no worries.

What are your favorite tricks?

MB: Lately this season, I have been into the Front Blunt 270, 180 switch 5-0. I also just recently got Frontside 540 Nosegrabs on lock! Anything that looks smooth and styley I am down for.

Where are your favorite places to ride?

MB: Since I hail from Park City, I have gotten to love Utah so much. I don’t think I will ever leave. You have Brighton for insane powder and rails. Park City for all things park, and then good ol’ SLC (Salt Lake City) for those midnight handrail sessions. When I’m not at home in Utah, I do love Mammoth Park laps, and Whistler or Mt. Hood in the summer.

We just started carrying Nikita and are super stoked about it. How did you get into Nikita clothes, and when/how did you get sponsored?

MB: Nikita has been my favorite company for way longer than I have been riding for them. I had always dreamed of riding for them, and then on their first year making outerwear, I bought a jacket and was in love! I just did my snowboard thing that year — competed, filmed and started talking to people — then BAM! Before you knew it, Nikita here I come!

What are your favorite things to wear, and how would you define your style?

MB: I think Nikita definitely defines my style. I don’t have a set image. I mostly go on comfort. Although you will NEVER catch me in a dress, I guess you could say I’m a colorful tomboy. New Era caps, with girly glasses, a basic hoodie and some Nikita denim and some sneaks. That’s about it, every day all day.

You are involved in a project called the Peep Show, a group of women that make boarding films. Can you explain your filming interests and how they relate to boarding? How often do you guys make movies?

MB: Peep Show is a group of up-and-coming girl riders who unfortunately might not get any other film opportunities, but also deserve and are more than good enough to show for it.  It shows more of the down and dirty riding lifestyle rather than the fame, glitzy side.

I was really excited to be working with these girls, because filming has always been way more important to me then competing. I would rather have the dopest video part ever than winning the X Games. Riding park and mountain is WAY different than street rails and powder. You gotta have balls to do it … I’m just gonna say that.

Here is a video of Madison riding that I think is pretty sweet. I am totally amazed at what the girl can do (that’s obvious, I guess!) so check it out!

Thanks, Madison, and good luck this year riding!