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FashionFashion Around the Globe: Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai was once known as the “Pearl of the Orient” and it is clear that the same holds true with their very talented designers. China’s most creative minds came together to show their Fall/Winter collections at Shanghai Fashion Week and did they ever impress! Let’s take a look at some of these rising fashion stars!
 Helen Lee
Retro cool was definitely the theme for Helen Lee with colorful knit pieces that were all about the pockets. The all over kaleidoscope print was surprisingly chic!
Zix Guan
Guan’s collection entitled “Killers” was inspired by the one and only Angelina Jolie and the power she exudes while still be sexy. Yeah, I’d say they achieved that! Loving the leather Victorian-inspired jackets!
The ultra feminine shapes and colors on Oasis’ runway were all about girls just wanting to have fun wherever they go. We’re definitely going to need those print dresses in our closets ASAP.
A mixture of hard leather and soft flowing fabrics were a treat for the eyes at EY. Who knew tie-dye could look so hot? 
What would a fashion week be without a truly extravagant show? Well, Kong gave us what we wanted with structured dresses straight out of a sci-fi movie that were still so beautiful without being gimmicky. A light up dress? What a bright idea!
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GeneralDowntown From Behind


Have you ever visited a city and wished you had more time to stay and get to know the locals? Well, now you can in New York City! Sort of.
Downtown From Behind is a photographic series that aims to document subjects riding their bikes, on streets, avenues, and lanes below 14th street and captures them visually as they depart from view. Both established and emerging individuals are chosen, leaving a sense of their daily contributions to a bustling city scene!
Lower East Side
East Village
Noho Bowery
Soho Nolita
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FashionI’ll Be Your Mirror: Legendary Street Style Photographer Bill Cunningham

Before there was The Sartorialist or Tommy Ton, there was Bill Cunningham. Cunningham is a legendary street style photographer that is still going strong at the New York Times and even Anna Wintour hopes to be snapped by him!
Cunningham’s career started in the 1970s when he started taking photographs of fashion on the streets of New York.  As a result of a chance photograph of Greta Garbo, he published a group of his impromptu pictures in the New York Times in December 1978, which soon became a regular series. 
Cunningham scours the streets on his bike everyday looking for rare birds of fashion and has become a respected icon. If Cunningham snaps a photo of you, it’s a huge honor, because you’ve just become part of a visual history.
“We’re in the age of the cookie-cutter sameness. There are few that are rarities, someone who doesn’t look like 10 million others.”—Bill Cunningham.
Before Bill Cunningham was snapping photos of street fashion heros, he was making fabulous hats under the label William J. The hats are amazing and definitely pieces of fashion history.
Want to learn more about Bill Cunningham? Check out his weekly snapshots here, and if you haven’t checked out the documentary Bill Cunningham New York, do yourself a big favor and go see it!

CelebrityA Chloë Moment! ’90s Chloe

If you’ve missed our little segments on Chloë Sevigny, then let us all hold hands and worship this ultimate ’90s It Girl for what she is really known for: her grungy ’90s style. From floral rompers, baby tees (I’ve got my fingers crossed that baby tees are coming back) and sexy zebra prints and hot pants, Chloë has always rivaled the edginess of her onscreen roles by the edginess of her look.
Tell us about your favorite ’90s looks in the comments below!

CelebritySupermodel Crystal Renn Goes Blonde!

Crystal Renn has definitely achieved supermodel status and has easily become one of the most recognizeable faces in fashion. She also happens to be one of my favorite models, because she owns her look no matter what.
So, when this traditionally dark haired vixen recently bleached her locks, it was a shock. She looks very different, but her drastic change seems to be serving her well in this month’s issue of Schön magazine! Look at her work it!
While I love this change, I’m still very much in love with her dark locks. Here’s a just a sample of her photos during her pre-blonde years:
Are you digging Crystal Renn’s new ‘do?
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