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FashionTake a Bow

Feminine, flirty and fun, bows are taking the spotlight when it comes to fashion accessories!

Move over Minnie Mouse — this fun trend is no longer reserved for the girly girl, but for the girl with a unique, funky style. Tie ’em up in your hair, sport ’em as a pair of earrings or on a necklace, and you’ll be the bow of the ball!

Get in on the trend here at your favorite bow-tique with our Bowdacious Earrings [sold out!], Bow-tie-ful Lady Necklace and Bow Peep Earrings in Ivory.


FashionMix&Match with Kristin Knauff!

Kristin Knauff just sent me these cool trend pics… sooo here’s some cute outfit ideas to try out!

Here, above, are some good mix and matching ideas complete with sweeeeeet leggings, belts, and necklaces! These gals are fashion designers themselves and have a totally fun and creative look! Try out our sparkly leggings and Alternative Apparel tops for easy layering!

Next we have the ongoing distressed look! This time, instead of ripping and shredding, this person actually shot through their tee with a bee bee gun! Biker jackets are hanging in strong and paired with plaid or a distressed tee, like above, you can own the “biker chic” look!

Remember to put a statement necklace with everything… these girls are all wearing necklaces, so make sure, sure, sure, you check out our huge selection of necklaces!!

FashionKristin Knauff’s Style Report!

Kristin Knauff’s style report from L.A. for the week: Oversized and understated jean jackets are in!

And yes, it is very reminiscent of the wonderful 80’s, but with a new and fresh take. Wear these denim jackets over flirty little mini dresses or a simple tunic or even, if you dare, mix and match your denim!

Here are some of the newest jean jackets that are prettttttttty darn cute…. check them out…..

Above we have the Shandi Chic Jean Jacket by Divine Rights of Denim, the Celebrity Pink Rambler Jacket in Black Denim and the Celebrity Pink Rambler Jacket in Blue Denim. [sold out!]


SHOES are BACK! Look at the shipment of shoes that just came in!!!

These are all updates on our favorite shoes! So looks like it’s your lucky day if you’ve been waiting for your must-have shoes of the season to come back in stock!

FashionFRIDAY!! Yay!!!

As the weather has been getting colder, I’ve been noticing that all of the ladies have started their own gang of style called the LULU*S LADIES in LEATHER!

Ok, well, I am just kidding, but this is a sweet new style that we have all been caught in! Look below .. one day we ALL wore them! Check this out, and remember to check out all of our sweet leather and vegan leather jackets!

Today is also the birthday of one of these ladies, so wish her a happy birthday by leaving a comment!