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ArtBig Love for Lisa Swerling’s Tiny People

If only my Polly Pocket collection had inspired me to do something like this….
 I’ve always been a firm believer that tiny makes everything cuter, but Lisa Swerling’s Glass Cathedrals go way beyond cute. Try: touching, silly, thought-provoking, whimsical; but most of all, they’ll make you smile. What Swerling has managed to capture with a shadow box and some miniature figurines (from architect’s models and railway toys) is a breathtaking collection of artwork that is both accessibly simple, yet strikingly complex.
In a recent interview with Sabotage Times, Swerling opened up about her path to Glass Catherals, and where she finds inspiration for her tiny worlds. My favorite snippets:
“Like a lot of people,” she says, “I have moments of inspiration, my own particular realisations about what it is to be a funny little human traveling around this big planet. Now what do you do with all these little thoughts? Well, I started putting mine in boxes.”

“But what I like about the artworks is that there is an intrinsic sympathy one feels with the figures which softens the ridiculousness of their pursuits. So whilst I am saying ‘Check out that poor woman, spending her whole life cleaning an infinite floor — is she mad?’ you also feel what she is attempting is in her way heroic, soothing to her soul, and maybe as good a way to pass time as any. One becomes a benevolent, merciful god, looking into the boxes.”

“My inspiration for this series was the collision between the seriousness with which we take our lives, and the limitations of our understanding. In Glass Cathedrals the heros are the tiny figures, my boxes the space where they struggle, aspire, dance, dream.”
Swerling will even customize many of her creations, (like “Evergreen” above), to look like you and whoever you choose to bring into your own mini world. Glass Cathedrals are available for purchase on her website, and range in price from $350 for the smaller guys to larger limited editions at $1450. I want one!

ArtGo Ahead, Play with Your Food: Photographer Fulvio Bonavia’s Fruit Fashion

Who says you can’t play with your food?
It’s a good thing Italian artist Fulvio Bonavia didn’t listen to his mom, because he’s made a name for himself creating some truly incredible photographs combining fruit, vegetation, and modern fashion.
Bonavia began his work as a graphic illustrator and film poster animator, and has since designed for such companies as Adidas, Amnesty International, Delta Airlines, Disney, Heineken, Jaguar, MTV, Rolex, and many other top brands.
One of the really unique things about Bonavia’s work is that he does all the postproduction work himself, so everything you see is truly a product of his own work. Instead of handing it off to another designer after the pictures are taken, we see these photographs exactly as he envisioned them in his head. 
This shoe below is one of my personal favorite — perfect with a cute summer dress, don’t you think?
 Bonavia’s book, A Matter of Taste (from which all the food-themed pictures are taken), has been featured in magazines all over the world. Perfect for your coffee table or a present for your art-loving friend! You can get it here.
So ladies, feeling creative yet? Raid your fridge and garden and get gluing!