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NewsSmiles for Wednesday: Meet the Sloths

Ok, so I have a little thing for cute animal clips. The one with the cat playing the piano, or the baby panda sneezing…I love ‘em all. If you’ve got a tender heart for cute critters too, then you’ll coo over the video below. Meet the adorable orphan sloths of Aviarios del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Wonderful footage taken by Amphibian Avenger.

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

ArtMusic + ART = Go DO by Jónsi

I was perusing some music blogs the other day when I happened upon a music video that literally transported me to another world. The song that captured me was Go DO by Jónsi of Sigur Rós.

If you don’t know or aren’t familiar with Sigur Rós then I recommend checking them out but keep in mind they aren’t for the faint of heart. However, I believe the video for the single Go DO from the album Go is a masterpiece of artistic vision in which theater, performance, and opera are combined to create an otherworldly experience as you watch and listen to this video.

59 Productions, who produced the operatic theatre inspired performances done for the Jónsi his new tour described it as:

“Band members arrive onstage in the gloom of night. Owls fly and wolves chase deer, leading us into the next song as floodlights reveal the remains of a ruined house cradled in the heart of a forest. And Jonsi himself, dressed all in white and wrapped in coloured rags, backlit by the perfectly timed footlights fanning out, flowerlike. Whistles and wolf call sound effects echo the effect of a gently decaying house, something warm and bright unfurling in your belly as you become more absorbed in the show.”

Jónsi – Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

MusicMia Moretti + Caitlin Moe = FIIIIIIIIRE

DJ Mia Moretti is back again and this time around she’s teamed up with a fierce violinest named Caitlin Moe. Miss Moe and DJ Moretti have just released their new mixes out to the public, as well as some sweeeeet videos that debut their collaboration.

Theirs is a collaboration that is both refreshing and classic. The era of the classical and daudy violinist has been lost with the appearance of Caitlin Moe playing away to the scene of fashionistas and mixed with main stream beats that Mia brings to the table.

Caitlin and Mia make one mean blonde duo, so watch the video below as they “mess” around in the studio. Then go download their new Grammy mix and see where it takes you … 


ArtConversation Hearts by Rosanna Yau

The tasty little confections know as conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple, but as I had to remind my boyfriend yesterday, are not adequate as a gift for your loved ones… unless Rosanna Yau gets a hold of them.

Rosanna is a crazy cool cat. But all alternation aside (ha!) she has updated the Conversation Hearts into the tech age.

I was lucky enough to go to undergrad with Rosanna at UC Davis, majoring in Design. She is now finishing up her grad school work at CCA, where she made this little project for class.

Watching the video below will better explain the process, but in short her special made chocolate conversation hearts will activate a program Rosanna wrote to play quirky loved themed videos when held up to your laptop camera for all to see. This is about a zillion times cooler than  “Be Mine” on sugar chalk.

Take a look at the cool hearts! Good work Rosanna!

Conversation Hearts from ro.sanna on Vimeo.

MusicA Tropical Iceland Even in the Rain with the Fiery Furnaces!!

As the ice is thawing and the sun is trying to peak out through the grey clouds, the Fiery Furnaces “Tropical Iceland” song seems all too perfect! Check out these funny music videos below for some laughs this weekend!

Below is another hilarious Fiery Furnaces video that mimics Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda from 1969 (one of my all time personal favorites). Their style is pretty cool and fun for the video but I think this song is a little too slow! Watch it and see what you think.

The Fiery Furnaces – Even in the Rain from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.