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FashionBlogger Spotlight: Jen of A Go-Go

A Go-Go is the ultimate edgy-feminine blog. Jennifer, the girl behind the blog, has a classically beautiful face which is perfectly offset with a tough and daring style. Head over to A Go-Go any day, and you will find Jen in the best platform boots and ditsy floral dress combo you have seen on any blog. You will also find her in a perfect crop top with a moto jacket, casually thrown over a shoulder in the most effortlessly cool way. Take a look below and you’ll see exactly what I mean!
Make sure to swing by Jen’s blog and say hello!

FashionSite to See: Nerd Boyfriend vs. Nerd Girlfriend

Nerd Alert! …Well, sort of!
Drawing inspiration for your next outfit can be a challenge sometimes, but with Nerd Boyfriend and Nerd Girlfriend, you can take a fashion cue from unlikely individuals ranging from actors to even physicists!  
Roxana Altamirano, founder of Nerd Boyfriend and Nerd Girlfriend wanted to highlight uncommon fashion muses not because they may be considered geeky, but because they’re often overlooked as fashion icons.  So forget Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn and make way for Gilda Radner and Jim Henson!

 Gilda Radner, famous Saturday Night Live funny woman, looking great in a peasant top and a classic shaped skirt. A big smile doesn’t hurt either!
Jodie Foster’s corduroy pants and suspenders really define geek chic. And Twin Peaks’ Audrey Horne definitely had a signature style, with school girl skirts, tight cardigans, and sexy red pumps.
 We always knew Ms. Piggy had amazing fashion sense, but we didn’t realize that The Muppets creator Jim Henson also had an amazing wardrobe!
Not exactly nerdy, but Rob Lowe’s style from the 1983 movie “The Class” definitely makes us wish for dapper prep school styles. Who doesn’t love a man in a pea coat?!
We can always recognize Charlie Chaplin with his signature mustache and bowler hat, but it’s also nice to take notice of his plaid vests and wide-legged trousers. 

And our favorite nerd, Mr. Rogers, showed us the importance of setting out your clothes for the day. So of course we’d want to wear his cozy cardigans and casual sneakers!   
Who’s your favorite Nerd Girlfriend/Nerd Boyfriend?  
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FashionNorman Parkinson: Vintage Fashion Photography

“I like to make people look as good as they’d like to look, and with luck, a shade better.”-Norman Parkinson
Stunning. Breathtaking. Beautiful. All of these words and more can describe Norman Parkinson’s work.
Norman Parkinson was a British fashion photographer whose career spanned seven decades! Often called the godfather of fashion photography, Parkinson spun the industry on its head, taking models out of the stuffy studios into the real world where he captured their natural beauty. He loved to photograph his subjects in fun or feisty set ups and introduced storytelling to his photos. His photos were filled with a sense of adventure and made you want to be the women in his photos.
Parkinson is most famous for his work for Vogue between 1945 and 1960, where he snapped photos of Hollywood royalty like Elizabeth Taylor and supermodels of the day. So let’s take a look a look at just a smidgen (there was so many amazing photos to choose from!) of his work!
Can’t get enough of Norman Parkinson? Then check out more of his work here and here! Okay, the last link is in Russian, but it has lots of his photos for your viewing pleasure!

InterviewsNifty and Thrifty: How to Buy Vintage Clothing

Crowded racks full of lost fashion treasures can be fun for most, and overwhelming for some, but buying vintage has many pros! It’s budget-friendly, it’s good for the Earth (you’re recycling!), and you can find unique clothes to can call your very own!
If you’re wondering where do you start, check out my guide to achieving thrift store success!
Location! Location! Location!
Large cities are usually fashion goldmines, but if you’re a small town girl, don’t fret! Small thrift stores and antique stores are stocked full of great finds, plus, there’s less chance that someone will snatch up an item you love. 
It’s also great to be familiar with sale and stocking days. Some stores have days that are 75% off everything, and if you’re there on stocking days, you’ll be the first to scope out new items!
Wear and Tear
Finding a beautiful one-of-a-kind dress for a deal can be exciting until you come home and take a closer look. Moth holes, stains, and sometimes even mold, can plague your newly acquired clothes. 
While at the store, examine the garment from all angles, even turn it inside out. Check elbows, knees, backsides, cuffs, collars, hems, and armpits for excessive wear as they are the parts of clothing that endure the most stress. Holes at the seam can be mended, but other holes can be unfixable. 
Moths prefer darker clothing so double check dark colored items. And be sure to get the item dry cleaned and washed in hot water to prevent further damage. 
If you spot a stain on your clothing, you might be able to get it out if it’s recent. Stains that have been set in for a long time are nearly impossible to remove, so be sure to use your good judgment. Is the stain somewhere noticeable? If not, then you may want to snatch that item up before it’s gone!
What’s My Size?!
Buying an item that was made before the 1980s can have tricky sizing. A general rule of thumb is to double your current size, so if you’re a 6 in today’s sizing, you would be a size 12 in vintage sizing. But generally, sizing of the past does not correlate with today.
If you know your bust, waist, and hip measurements, you can always bring a measuring tape to measure the clothes, but the best thing you can do is try the item on. If an item is oversized, it can always be taken in, and if you’re not a master seamstress, make friends with your local tailor! 
Storing Your Precious New Finds
For vintage items, you want to do your best to preserve its beauty. To do this, always keep these items in a dark and cool place. Most cotton items can be hung and wrapped in muslin. For very special items, wrap them in white acid-free tissue and muslin and put them in well-ventilated boxes. Be sure to include moth balls! 
And of course, don’t forget to show off your new items! Lookin’ good!

FashionRetro Fox: Jane Birkin

The effervescent young Jane Birkin (English-born actress and singer) was the essential Euro “It Girl” of the sixties and seventies. Often appearing with her dapper LTR, Serge Gainsbourg, this stylish lass has a photographic repertoire virtually unseen in the time period. Known for her racy antics, her timeless appeal can be attributed to a soft smile, coveted hair and a perfect taste for gorgeous fashion.