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FashionBlogger Spotlight: Hope Adela of Pink Champagne

Yesterday, when I came across Hope Adela from Pink Champagne, I knew instantly that she would be my Blogger Spotlight for this week. As I looked through her pictures and daily outfits, I couldn’t help but smile and be delighted by how much fun she has with fashion.

Playing with patterns and textures, Hope Adela seems to embody a different fairytale or adventure in every outfit. In her “About Me” section on her site, Hope has written, “I believe that fashion is a creative and unique form of art, and try to incorporate that theory into every aspect of my life.” Take a look for yourself to find out what she means in my favorite looks shown below

With a definite affinity for turbans, headbands, and hats, Hope Adela is fearless with her accessories. In the first photo, my absolute favorite, she seems to be an old world gypsy, finished with an adorned turban and long gloves. In the second photo she takes color for a spin and embodies a Frida-esque look complete with bangles and a cheerful polka dot blouse.

Tulle and feathers for a romantic woodland look.

 What do all three of the photos above have in common? Oh, just one of the most iconic prints of all time: leopard! With animal print accents and a full swinging 60’s coat, Hope Adela adds flair in a way that most would stumble over. Excess and drama are clearly her strong suit, with all of these looks appearing effortless and fun – the mark of true style. 

Some of us shine in simplicity and minimalism, others in full regalia with cloaks and capes, lame and leather, not an accessory left behind! Whatever your style, being true to your inner voice is what sets you apart from others and makes you special. I for one commend those who take fashion as a way to express themselves and their dreams, and Ms. Hope Adela is a perfect example! Make sure to check out her blog for more inspirational and fun fashion!

GeneralInterior Design How To: Get that Shabby Chic Look

To do a little something different this week I thought it would be fun to touch on a few interior design ideas for all of those wanting to give their homes a needed face lift. A personal favorite of mine is a vintage, ultra-girly style that has made me want to immediately buy a house so I can start decorating. I used designer Rachel Ashwell as inspiration for this look with her Shabby Chic® line, a take on the popular Shabby Chic movement.
Shabby Chic® was founded in 1989 after Ashwell had her first child and wanted to create something that reflected the comforts of life. “I needed a versatile home that could handle children and a busy lifestyle,” Rachel says. “The answer came to me in the form of slipcovers. They could be easily washed and gave a warm, open feel to the rooms.” Ashwell was always obsessed with floral prints and wanted to reflect this in her new line of merchandise. Being a vintage floral fanatic myself, I am utterly obsessed with this line. 
Shabby Chic® products are a little on the pricey side, so Ashwell teamed up with Target and created a more affordable line for all to enjoy. 

Here are some tips on how to adorn your home to get this comfortable look! 
1. Give your end and coffee tables an antique finish. This can be done by painting your tables all white or cream and take sand paper to roughen up the edges. Your tables could look something like this:
2. Put some flowers in a vase. Flowers always brighten up an environment and just seem to make everything better. 
3. Invest in some picture frames and candles. Both of these make a room warmer and more inviting, creating a laid-back comfortable scene. For candles, try a soothing vanilla-cinnamon scent.
4. Throw pillows. These are amazing because they add character to a solid-colored couch and give it a little zing. I suggest a neutral-toned couch with a floral throw pillow with lace detail.
5. Mirrors. These always make a room appear to be larger and look lovely on walls.
6. Cute storage boxes. These wisk away clutter into something adorable! Try decoupaging hat or photo boxes to make them look cuter!
7. Be mismatched! The ultimate key to being shabby chic is to have a variety of pieces in your room. This makes it so that your room is anything but boring!
What do you think of this precious style for your home?

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Fashion60’s Trends, Today!

This fall, set your sights on a vintage inspired look. The classic shapes of the 60’s will keep your look timeless! With peacoats, maryjanes and knee high socks this style is time tested!
Channel the Beatles classic album,  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, released in swingin’ 1967.
Spice up your winter with the peppery hot Lennon Coat by O’Neill shown above.
Marianne Faithfull, 60’s singer and famously linked to Mick Jagger, sported beautiful dresses paired with mod maryjanes and knee high socks.
Bring out the perfectly polished lady within, like in this gorgeous 60’s ad from My Vintage Vogue.
Achieve the look with our Peas in a Pod Wool Coat by Tulle


InterviewsMeet Vintage Model: Ashley Rogers!

With her fresh face and great outlook, Lulus vintage model Ashley Rogers was a treat to chat up on modeling gigs, style and life in general. Read up, and check out our Vintage section to see Ashley rockin’ some hot, retro-inspired looks!
1. How did you get into modeling?
I began modeling in Texas when I was pretty young. My sister was a make up artist and worked with the agencies there, so I was able to tag along and eventually booked work myself.
2. What are the challenges and perks of modeling?
The one challenge that I find is sheer concentration. It becomes difficult over a long period of time to do something as simple as conveying a feeling in your face.  My favorite perk is working with creative and talented people. I thrive on being around like-minded individuals, and the industry is bustling with them.
3. Describe your typical weekday – is life pretty consistent or unpredictable?
Right now, I’m in between school and work, so it can be unpredictable at times.  I have gotten myself into a habit of writing to do lists every day to maintain a sense of normalcy.  It helps.
4. How long do you take to get out the door in the morning?
30 minutes for my usual routine. I remember being younger and spending up to two hours to get ready. Imagine what I could do with all of that extra time now!  =)
5. Are you a health nut, junk food junkie or something in-between?
I’m fairly healthy for the most part, but I don’t deny myself anything either. I was a vegetarian for 10 years up until the fall of last year, and it was simply because I began craving meat that I started eating it again.  I’m a firm believer that the body will tell you what it needs.
6. Do you have a dream modeling gig?
I would love to be one of Stella McCartney’s girls. They always look so innocently polished.
7. Describe your style in terms of dress and aesthetic.
My sense of style is very eclectic.  I tend to go a little vintage throwback but always with a very modern twist. I welcome the jeans and t-shirt days too.
8. Must have item for the summer?
Multiple pairs of sunnies (I’m constantly misplacing mine), at least two vividly patterned swimsuits, and that one floor sweeping dress that makes you feel carefree and sexy all at once. I like the hippie-style gunne sax versions right now
Find these items and more on our Vintage page!

FashionHead West with Hot Summer Vintage!

Lasso up these grest new vintage finds! Lulus take on Summer Western Wear!
Cool Cowgirls!
Accessorize!! Check out this beautiful old-timey purse, and hip bolo tie!
Vivid Native-American Prints at their best!