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FashionAloha from Hawai’i!

Dear Diary:

Aloha from Hawai’i!! I have traveled … well, more like hopped across the ocean … to the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i for spring break.

O’ahu is the most populated island in Hawai’i and boasts both big-city fashion and remote jungle hiking. I am here to visit my sister, who lives on the tip top of St. Louis Heights, overlooking the volcanic Diamond Head crater and the city of Honolulu (the picture to the left is the view from her deck).

The sun that glares off of the beaches and the brilliant blue water around the island has inspired a week of fashionable dressing in the brightly colored patterns that reign so heavily this season.

Here is the first day of a visual fashion diary of my vacation in O’ahu. Photography by Daniel Noval. Modeled by the greatest of gals, Molly and Sierra. And styled by me with clothes from’s What’s New and Vintage sections, along with a few pieces I designed myself. Accessories range from vintage finds to Claire Fong’s wonderful leather, feather and fringe earrings. 


You can recreate this look with the Mona Bandeau Dress by Billabong and the Fly South Earrings by Claire Fong.

BeautyStyle Do or Don’t: Bettie Page Bangs

I’ve always loved the iconic hair of retro pin-up model Bettie Page. Known for her short pixie bangs and curvy brown locks, Bettie’s hair became her unique and edgy style accessory. 

In short, Bettie Page bangs are cut to hit at about mid-forehead and curve up towards the temples of your head.

I’ve noticed this style of bang becoming increasingly popular among hip, fashion forward women. To me, the look carries cool, rockabilly vibes and can really make a girl stand out. At the same time, I would never make the cut myself.

Just a smidge above eyebrow length is about as short as I will go. I just know that a super short bang wouldn’t flatter my face shape. While I admire the cut on a lot of women, it’s still a daring look to pull off.

(Above: Actress Gretchen Mol in The Notorious Bettie Page. Below: Bettie Page)

That being said, I’ve noticed that certain styles manage to capture the essence of the original Bettie Page cut while toning down the extremes to make it more flattering on different face shapes.

Above, I love how Katy Perry’s bangs sit just above the eyebrow and curve just slightly up the sides, not sharply. Designer Maya Luz from this season’s Project Runway sports the same style, keeping the bangs semi-short and mostly strait towards the sides of the head. I’ve been drooling over her hair all season (and rooting her on to win!) For both Katy and Maya, dark straightened locks and bold lipstick give the look a little extra retro boost.

What do you think? Would you make the cut?

BeautyA Very Vintage Style Manicure

For the retro gal who has already mastered the hair and makeup, a vintage-style manicure is your next best accessory.

Sported by the bold and stylish Dita Von Teese, retro nails of the 30’s and 40’s have a very distinct and





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glamorous look. Each nail is grown long in an oval shape that is filed to a point at the tip. Traditionally the moons and tips of the nail were left uncolored, but I like how Dita sports it with the moons filled in with contrasting white lacquer.

Try out the look at home. I love this tutorial from MsFaintlyMacabre‘s YouTube channel. Her nails look stunning at the finish! 

ArtThe DOLLHOUSE on Steep Street!

Lately I’ve been trying to keep posted on the people that I have done blogs on. One person that I have succeeded, at least a little, in keeping updated on is a graphic designer, artist, and photographer named Kelty, who has a website called Steep Street. I did the first blog in August on Kelty’s website and then did another follow up blog on a photo shoot that she styled in vintage clothes

This week, I remembered to remind myself to check up on Kelty and was really glad that I did. I found myself enamored with her most recent blog post. The newest photos that she has posted are such an awesome inspiration for fashion, styling, makeup, and photography that I had to do another post!

All of the makeup done in these shots was done by the makeup artist Nadia, who has just launched a website and a blog, which include drawings of her ideas for this photo shoot! 

Obviously, it’s fun to see the final product, but I also enjoy seeing the thought and process behind a project. This one turned out so well that I really enjoyed seeing the concept and drawings of the makeup (below).

BeautyHair Inspiration: Dita Von Teese

I am in love with the seemingly effortless glamour and flirty waves of Dita Von Teese’s hair style in the above pic. Inspired by hair of the 1940’s, Dita has perfected this look on her own, which in turn, inspired me to give it a try.

Dita recently tweeted on her Twitter page that she uses “Hot rollers in small+med sizes,” and sometimes “iron+clips” in order to set her hair into retro glam waves. I found the perfect YouTube tutorial which goes over how to style and set the rollers to achieve a similar look.

Now all I need are some good hot rollers. Any suggestions?