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FashionA Winter’s Day: Jaclyn Adams Shoots for Plaza Kvinna

Model Iryna Rohzek winters over in this cool-weather collection of knits, boots, coats, and earth-toned jewelry. Photographer Jaclyn Adams captures her bronze-y fireside glow and the crisp details of these chic outdoor ensembles.

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FashionWinter Fashion in Japan: The New York Times Heads East for Some Stunning Snow Photography

Although much of the northern hemisphere is gearing up for warm spring (or summer!) weather, I know there are still those of you out there shoveling snow and bundling up against the cold. And, after a few weeks of some pretty balmy weather here at LuLu*s, we are experiencing one of April’s many freak rain showers today. That being said, I figured today was a good day to post this editorial from The New York Times’ T Magazine.
One of the really neat things about this shoot is that both of the locations at which the pictures were taken are two really important Japanese cultural sites:  Tsurunoyu Onsen, one of Japan’s oldest hot springs resorts (dating back to the late 17th century), and Lake Tazawa, Japan’s deepest lake. The combination of bright white snow and the dark buildings and trees creates a real sense of quiet noir, a sort of mysterious backdrop for the elegant, vibrant clothing and geisha-like styling.
The shot above is one of my absolute favorites in this spread. The soft yellow lighting coming from inside the building adds a hint of melancholy romance when paired with the cloudy sky and cold river.
Model Anne Watanabe’s expression here is perfect; I love how the bright red umbrella draws you into her face, while the bright snow and sky create a halo of light that show off her Gianfranco Ferré gown and sandals.
I think this photo here might be my absolute favorite. The hot waters of Tsurunoyu Onsen’s bathing pools are known for their relaxing, healing qualities. In a setting this peaceful, I don’t know how you wouldn’t be instantly calmed. I know I could definitely use a day at some ancient hot springs!
Photos by Raymond Meier from
I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did! Which one is your fav?

FashionIce Queen: Amanda Brohman

Oh wonder of wonders, I’ve become so enraptured by Amanda Brohman of Fröken Fashionista, I’ve forgotten how I ever stumbled across her in the first place! This gorgeous Swedish maiden is not only a bewitching mistress of the snow and a phenomenal blogger, but she’s still in high school! (Get inspired girls!)

By the looks of Amanda’s white-washed and snow-blanketed images, it seems this darling young woman lives and breathes in the snow. Camouflaging herself with neutral (faux) furs and dark bark-like accents, I’m pretty well convinced that Brohman dropped from a tree and rolled out of an icy pine cone instead of being born like the rest of us!

Feast on this!

(Anyone else think Stevie Nicks?)

With her Nordic blonde hair and rosy winter cheeks this girl even makes oversized mom jean shorts look good!

With such an amazing handle on winter attire, I can’t wait to see what “Miss Fashionista” does for spring and summer.

I guess we’ll just have to keep tabs on her!

FashionObey Your Instincts: What’s New From Obey

Artists making clothing appeals to me. Besides keeping a sharp cutting edge on the hottest styles, Obey Clothing merges the most artful designs with complex and often meaningful patterns.
Founded by street artist Shepard Fairey, Obey Clothing has been going strong since 2001, bringing us a functional way to interact with the thoughts of this long-time graffiti artist.
Their Holiday 2010 Lookbook is a retro-washed daydream incorporating cozy tribal designs with crisp street-wear, getting it right on track for the gift-giving holidays and the cold winter months!
Along with all of these magical wonders, we here at LuLu*s also acquired some awesome new Obey jewelry. These fiery fauna-inspired pieces are gold-plated and incorporate genuine Swarovski crystals. 
Get it while it’s hot, ’cause it’s going fast!

FashionSweater Dress Bliss!

It’s cold and it’s going to get colder.
The other day I rearranged my closet so I could get a realistic view on my cold-weather clothing. (Are three pairs of jeans enough?) I separated out my summer dresses, and I added two new additions: two cozy sweater dresses!
With a pair of leggings or tights, these magical gems work wonders whether you’re on a trip to the store, or off to a long day at the office. There’s no trade-off either, you look sophisticated, but you’re as comfy as if you were wearing a sweatsuit.
Claudia Schiffer and Rhianna chose to rock their sweater dresses to new releases of Ferragamo and Chanel . . .
 . . . and these young women from Copenhagen went all out styling their dresses. A chic hipster look on the left, and a trendy pop princess on the right! Way to go gals!
Now, we’re not going to leave you out in the cold, so I’ve included just a few of the beautiful sweater dresses we have in stock, from mild to wild!
Take a look:
Feel free to tell us how much you love your sweater dresses!