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GeneralYoga-Fashion Fusion: The Inspirational Tria Andrews

Happy Monday lovely Lulu*s readers!

Today I am so excited to present you with the incredible yoga photographs of my talented friend, Tria Andrews.

Photo by Kristine T Pham

 Here’s a little bio on this amazing lady:

Tria is a yoga teacher and graduate student who lives in Berkeley,
California. She was introduced to yoga, massage, and the martial arts
when she was a child by her mother, a yoga teacher, and her father, the
founder of her family system of martial arts and a massage school.
Tria approaches teaching and practicing yoga with a sense of curiosity,
freedom, and joy.

Photo by Kira Grinberg
Her interest and appreciation for fashion, she says, was cultivated at a young age by her chic grandmothers, who often designed and sewed their own clothing. 

Photo by Kristine T Pham
Her fashion tip?

“Fashion can be an expression of beauty and style, but also a
reminder one should never take herself too seriously.”

Any yoga fans out there? How does yoga inspire you?

FashionTrend Report: Icy and Cool

There are always tons of parties and benefits going on, and you know that that means lots of celebrities wearing really cool clothes! Here, Gwyneth Paltrow stepped into the Bent on Learning Benefit in this icy cool and sparkling mini dress. The Bent on Learning Benefit is working toward bringing yoga into NYC’s public schools.

Check out’s picks of the event for more.

This icy trend seems fitting for any night that you don’t want to fuss with too many colors. Just step into a metallic grey draped dress and some killer black high heels and you’ll look chic and sleek at the same time.



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