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BeautyHalloween Look 3: Gorgeous Geisha

Okay, okay … just one more Halloween look idea before the festivities of the weekend.

Today’s video once again comes from the talented Michelle Phan (because she’s just awesome). This time we have a very unique and artistic geisha look.

I love how inventive this look is. I’ve never even thought about putting pink eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye.┬áThe effect is gorgeous! Definitely a must see.

BeautyVintage Inspired Hair: Rockabilly Updo


So I’m trying out this new little project that includes finding a cool vintage hairstyle, giving it a try on my own locks, and then posting my findings on our blog with a pic. I’ve always loved hairstyles from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, so to be able to actually pull them off with minimal talent in the hair styling area is very exciting.

YouTube was, once again, a great resource for me. There are tons of cute pin-up style tutorials for makeup and hair from individuals who have studied the looks and perfected their own method. I hope you are inspired as I was!

Look 1: Rockabilly Updo.

This is the perfect hairstyle if you haven’t washed your hair in a while, you need a break from heat styling, or you just feel like looking different and a little pin-up. Here I am (just chillin’ in the Lulus breakroom).

What U Need:

Handkerchief: $1.50 (Michael’s Craft Store)

Fine Tooth Comb

Hair spray

A bumpit or cheap extensions bundled in a hair net (anything to boost volume at the crown)

Bobby pins, bobby pins, bobby pins.


Tease a section of hair at the forehead and pin it so that it bumps up.

Gather a separate section from behind both ears and pin up and over your bumpit or hair net

Pin that thing like there’s no tomorrow and make sure the net/bumpit is completely covered

Gather the rest of the hair into a pony or bun.

Smooth any flyaways with hair spray

Roll up a square handkerchief and tie into a bow at the top of the head


Before you get started, I highly recommend watching the tutorial below from retropinup13. This was the awesome tutorial that inspired my look.




BeautyHalloween Look 2: Snow White

Okay, ladies, Halloween is drawing near. Do you have your costume planned out yet?

Well, if you’re running low on time and ideas, you have to give this little video a look. One of my new favorite YouTube makeup gurus, Michelle Phan, has put together a gorgeous tutorial on the classic Disney Snow White look.

Even if you already have your costume in mind, this video is still worth a view. I love the way she really embodies Snow White.

Didn’t we all want to be a Disney princess at some point? Maybe this Halloween is your big chance.  :)

BeautyHow to Hair: Blowdrying…

For a long time, the perfect blow out was something that only my hair dresser could achieve. I loved the way it straightened out the kinks in my hair yet didn’t make it stick-straight; it had plenty of body and bounce.

Yet, I could never acheive the look at home. No matter how hard I tried, my hair came out a frizzy, poofy mess.

It wasn’t until I did some research on YouTube (where else?) that I found the perfect tutorial. Not only has YouTube guru Sarah Victor mastered the art of makeup, but she knows a few things about hair as well.

Her secret? A good quality hair serum, uplifting foam, a large round brush, and a state of the art blowdryer. Check out this vid to create the perfect do for your weekend.



BeautyMake Up via YouTube

If having your own personal makeup artist sounds like a far fetched fantasy, then boot up that monitor and tune into YouTube. Now online, you can view demonstrations and product recommendations of real makeup artists, offering up their coveted advice to the wider world through cyberspace.

This post’s featured YouTube artist is “Pixiwoo,” which is actually a team of two sisters, Samantha Chapman and Nicola Chapman. Both are accomplished makeup artists based in London who’ve had experience doing makeup for television, fashion shows and music projects. From basics, such as how to apply eyeliner and foundation, to classic beauty icon looks, these girls tell all.

I was hooked on Samantha’s (pictured above) tutorials after witnessing her glamorous transformation in her Anna Nicole Smith makeup tutorial. I also loved Nicola’s quirky personality and ability to take daring leaps with makeup. To learn more about these talented women, visit their YouTube Channel and start experimenting with makeup yourself.

You can recreate Samantha’s Dior 1920’s makeup look for a flapper Halloween costume this fall or try Nicola’s Audrey Hepburn inspired make up look when you want to get dolled up for a night out on the town. There’s no doubt you’ll be inspired by the Chapman sisters’ work. Check them out today, and get glam!

For more information…

  • Check out the sisters’ online blog to view photo stills and products of the week. 
  • Visit Samantha’s website to learn more about her and to view clips of her professional work. 
  • Take a peek at Samantha and Nicola’s Fashion Face TV page.